Hi, I am a first time goldendoodle owner and I am 100% positive the breeder I adopted my puppy from is not the puppy I picked out. Normally it would not be a huge issue for me, but I did research and decided a goldendoodle is best for me, so temperament is the biggest deciding factor. 2020 was rough and my mental health hit a real low, and part of getting mentally healthy is getting a dog with just the right temperament. In a way, I am looking for a therapy dog. Well, with this breeder, I picked out and put a deposit down on the puppy that had the most mellow, loving, calm personality. She was less than a week old at the time, but I knew she was perfect. I got to see her again at almost 3 weeks and it was the same puppy, same personality. I started bonding with her, and holding her to start that imprinting process; she was the perfect puppy for me. Well, I noticed another customer commenting on her pics saying that puppy was hers. So I contacted the breeder and asked her to identify the pups in the pics, and was all of a sudden saying that puppy belonged to the other woman. I told the breeder and she blew up at me, got upset because she felt I was accusing her of switching up puppies. Whether she did it on purpose or not, I thought she switched them up. I realized maybe I was obsessing over it too much and apologized. So pick up day, as soon as I see the breeder holding another puppy, I knew immediately it wasn't her, but I was going to try to make it work, even thought it's clearly not her. She does not have the same personality at all. She is wild, rambunctious, has no desire to please, she doesn't even like to sleep with me. She is very independent, and that's not what I need. She is not a bad puppy at all, she is just not the one I picked. I know it sounds selfish but in a way, I am being selfish, because I picked out the dog that I NEED. I did not decide to pay $1,800 for a puppy that is not the right fit for me. What do I do? I have had her almost 2 days, is it wrong to give her back to the breeder? I'm considering telling the breeder she needs to take her back and let me pick from the next litter in March, but is it too late?

First pic is the one that I picked at almost 3 weeks and second is the puppy I picked up 2 days ago 8 weeks old



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    So I know I got a few negative comments on this thread, but I also got a lot of understanding, empathetic comments and want to let the posters know I really appreciate it. I know it's easy to think of me as heartless expressing how I felt about the situation, but Ellie is now settling in and I already knew that I was going to fall in love with her. Not going to lie, there was a lot of adjustment, just because she definitely has a very different personality than my family and I are used to in a dog, but we love her regardless. She is part of the family now, and loves her feline brothers.

    • We never meant to be negative to you. We are all so passionate about dogs that we didn't want you to keep a dog you couldn't fall in love with. That's not your fault-- I could never bond to a boxer ( I was nipped as a kid and it made me breed biased).  That you've fallen in love with this different, quirky pup is a delight. I'll bet she becomes your most favorite dog ever. 
      And we were also insensed that you were duped. Please still post a negative review. This is not right and you should take her up on returning some of your fee but keep your sweetie. 
      Updated picture????

      • Definitely not referring to you! I really appreciate your help. Unfortunately I can't leave a review because her fb page is not a business page. I will be doing whatever I can to discourage further customers for her though. Maybe message people on fb that post on her page asking about her puppies, because she's got another litter coming soon. I understand that the other customer was purchasing a puppy for her breeding program, so needed the furnishings and curly coat, but if she was that concerned with having the more "desirable" doodle look, she should have paid more to get a puppy from a breeder that does genetic testing. Definitely wouldn't trust that woman as a breeder either.

        Also I have updated pictures on my profile!

    • Happy to hear it's working out for everyone :-) 

      So what is her personality like?

      • She has very strong alpha female energy. We've really had to work with her on that, and she's learning to be a bit more submissive. She's bonding with us more and is showing more affection, which is really nice. She's so vocal, I love it. She's just like her mama, who my husband fell in love with. He honestly wanted to take her home instead. She's very stubborn and spunky. She wants to do things her own way all the time! It's been great, though.

        • This personality description sounds SO much like our Sadie girl, we've never had a dog this vocal! She's also very spunky and strong-willed, but super loving as well. Your doodle girl is beautiful!

  • Nice to read how things are progressing!  Perhaps it is a case where you needed her as much as she needed you ❤️

    I remember watching a program that followed a later of golden retrievers as they raised and trained them to be therapy dogs. The one that was more stubborn than the others actually ended up passing and doing well while a few of the others did not..

    Good Luck with your new puppy. 

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