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Hello members, I'm new to this group and am looking for info on reputable golden doodle breeders in the WA state. We're looking for a mini golden doodle male pup for our family. 

I've been in touch with one breeder who has a wait list for Summer 2019 but they only breed F4 minis. I understand the difference between F1, F1B etc. and was wondering if F4 is really the top of this breed (as per the breeder). Any reviews on the breeder below will be appreciated:


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Hi Gaurav,
Breeder recommendations, reviews and/or referrals are not permitted here in the open forums. People may send you a PM if you accept a friend request from them. 

Nobody really uses the terms "F4". Anything above an F3 is usually just referred to as "multi-gen".
If you have not already done so, please read our excellent guideline on What To Look for In a Breeder and use it as a checklist for any breeder you consider. Most important is to see proof of health testing.

Karen is correct and that guide should be very helpful in choosing a reputable breeder. I took a quick peek at this breeder and didn’t see any health testing. A red flag for me is that they say they’re a home breeder and not a kennel, but that means they have 10 dogs hanging around the house. That’s a lot of dogs and one is usually not allowed to have that many unless they are a registered breeder or kennel. 

I also noticed the absence of any mention of health testing on the parents, which is a HUGE red flag. 

Breeders who do health testing are proud to show it off and usually have it on their front page or at least in a really obvious place.  No health testing at all is a huge red flag for sure.

Yep. Especially since the breeder is not shy about giving the names of the Toy Poodle lines on her breeding dogs, which would mean nothing to the average doodle buyer. (Actually, she didn't even spell them right, lol.) You want to showcase something about your breeding dogs, let's see those genetic test results, lol.

Thank you all. I appreciate the guidance. 

I think at the multigen level, there's really not a huge difference between labradoodles and goldendoodles.  So worth opening up your search to both in case you find someone better suited.

Thank you. We put the deposit down and will get our our pup in Summer from:

Don't they have a real website for you to check out their dogs? Health testing? How many dogs do they have? Where are the dogs kept?

I had the same questions. The website shown on the FB page is really old, out-of-date, and is mostly about Goldens.

I contacted them - just for fun and while they were very responsive and said the page was out of date, they didn't offer a website or info about their dogs other than that they had puppies and that they sent them all over.

You guys are so awesome :D
Here is the breeder I'm considering now, she meets all the requirements per my checklist. Any reviews/comments on her:



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