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Hello members, I'm new to this group and am looking for info on reputable golden doodle breeders in the WA state. We're looking for a mini golden doodle male pup for our family. 

I've been in touch with one breeder who has a wait list for Summer 2019 but they only breed F4 minis. I understand the difference between F1, F1B etc. and was wondering if F4 is really the top of this breed (as per the breeder). Any reviews on the breeder below will be appreciated:


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I still do not see any mention of genetic health testing on the parents. This is the most important factor above all others. Gaurav, do you understand what we mean by that? It's not whether the puppies or even the parents have seen a vet or been checked for health; it's verifiable tsting scores on hips, elbows, eyes, heart, etc to ensure that the dogs do not have common genetic health conditions before they are bred, and before they can pass those things on to the puppies.
You typically see something like this after the name and picture of the breeding dog. At the very least, there should be some statement somewhere that the breeder tests all of her breeding dogs for these things

  • PennHip - .32/.44
  • OFA Hip Prelim - Good
  • OFA Elbow Prelim - Normal
  • Patella - Normal
  • CAER - Normal
  • Cardiac - Normal
  • vWD - Clear
  • PRA - Clear
  • EIC - Clear
  • DM - Clear
  • IC - Carrier

A 5 year warrnaty is very nice, but not when it requires you to return the dog. Nobody is going to do that. Instead, it should require reimbursement up to the purchase price of the puppies.

Yes, and I checked with the breeder about the parents genetic health testing. She provided the details and they look good. She mentioned that this will be part of the documentation that gets sent with the pup.

You guys are so awesome :D
Here is the breeder I'm considering now, she meets all the requirements per my checklist. Any reviews/comments on her:



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