Hello, if this is a repeat post please ignore- I had this all set and I think DK ate my post ;) 

This is my first post, I'm excited to be here. We are on a wait list for a puppy that would be due to come home late spring if all goes well. 

I spend 3 weeks every summer as an assistant at an overnight camp, and they have said it's ok to bring the puppy (otherwise he/she will hang at home with my husband). I'm very excited about the idea but the more I think about it the more I second guess myself. On one hand, what better way to socialize and exercise a puppy. On the other hand, I've raised puppies before and know the nippy craziness that it entails. The puppy would be 16ish weeks, so vaccines should be done. 

Is this crazy? Tell me your thoughts. Thanks! 

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  • I don't think it's crazy, but I wonder if puppy would interfere with your duties or if puppy can truly have enough downtime.  He may still have accidents at 16 weeks.  I would see how it goes with puppy at home and what YOUR puppy is truly like before deciding.  Sounds like you don't really have to decide YET.

    • I agree, it would probably be pretty overwhelming for a very young puppy.  

      If you do end up bringing puppy there needs to be a crate in a quiet place where pup could have some solo downtime.  

      When puppy is with you out and about I'd recommend tethering him/her to you most of the time.


      • I agree, I think it would be overwhelming for a 16 week old puppy. 

  • Thanks everyone! Just to clarify - I work in the office. Its air conditioned and does have frequent visits from campers and counselors, but I don't work directly with campers all day/night.  Its air conditioned, and I have a private room at night. 

    I may give it a go and see how it goes, I can always call my husband and have him bring the pup home. :)

    • It's just that nothing makes for a secure, calm, even-tempered dog like an established, set routine day in and day out in early puppyhood. After the basics of life-food, water, shelter- what a puppy needs most is to know what to expect and what is expected from him. The same rules, the same routines, this is where I go outside, this is where I sleep, this is where I get my food, this is when I get my food, I'm allowed to be here but not over there, this is what it means when mom says or does such and so, etc. 
      Those early weeks and months are the basic foundation for what his personality will be like going forward. You want to establish good habits, good manners, and a strong pack bond as early as possible. 
      Not to be a downer, but I wish the puppy was coming home after your three weeks at the camp. For me, the timing is unfortunate. 

      • This makes sense. Thanks. If I leave the puppy at home with my husband, he will be alone from about 9-3 daily (with a mid day dog walker stopping by). I guess I thought that being at camp and being loved on/socialized would be be a better option, but maybe not. Lots to think about! 

        • Yes, that would be a hard decision. Camp would certainly provide more socialization. It wll just mean that his established routines will be changed twice within a very short period of time. He'll have the first 8 weeks to adjust to leaving his litter and being at a new home with both of you & whoever else lives in your home, then a complete change of routine, environment and all humans except you for three weeks, and then back to the former scenario again. So a lot of adjustments and changes. I'd expect some setbacks with housebreaking & other behaviors.
          On the other hand, if you are going to be his primary caregiver and main person, being with you for that entire period uninterrupted will be better for your bond, and it will be better for him not to be alone for long stretches of time at such a young age. Very tough decision. Like I said, the timing is unfortunate. 

        • Both our dogs have been alone all day while we've been at work from about 10 weeks old and they were fine.  We provided them with a sleeping area (a bath towel - hard to shred and ingest pieces) and a potty area (a couple pee pads) inside a small space (ex pen or gated off tiled area) and some kongs with surprises frozen inside.

          It isn't ideal but we both work full time and our jobs don't allow pets to come to work with us.  It wasn't always as long as 9-3, but it was at least a couple days a week even longer than that.  

          Now that Riley is older (1.5 years) she spends the day in her crate when we are at work for her own safety.  She is fine and is used to it.  Hopefully someday she'll have the run of the house while we're away like Luna (our previous dog) did but the way her personality is I doubt it will ever be possible.


          • You're lucky you were able to transition from the pee pads. A LOT of dogs who were started on pee pads as puppies never get fully housebroken, especially the smaller ones. It's a very common topic in the Mini Poodle group on Facebook. 

            • Both of them only used them in desperation while we were away so maybe that's why?  Luna and Riley were both pretty quickly housetrained and we were diligent with taking them out frequently whenever we were home.  We also didn't start using them at all until they'd been home for a few weeks at which point they were mosty housetrained.

              I think Riley didn't even really use them to pee on, she mostly used them as entertainment lol.

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