Has anyone's pup ever broken a canine baby tooth? My little guy just broke his in half while chewing on a toy and it's bleeding. The vet is going to call me back, but wondering if this has happened to anyone and if they had it removed or just waited for the adult tooth to come in?


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  • I know some people have had a dog break a tooth, but they were all permanent teeth as far as I know.
    I'll be interested to hear what your vet says. 

  • My puppy broke her tooth before her first vet visit. The vet looked at it and said it wasnt causing her any pain and that I was lucky it was just a baby tooth. She is now 14 weeks and still has the broken tooth and she doesnt seem to care. But if it is causing pain it will probably have to be pulled. 

  • My dog cracked a tooth that needed removing but it wasn't a baby one. 

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