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Bubbles desperately needs your help. This precious Goldendoodle puppy has an ectopic ureter, which causes her to leak urine constantly. Because of this congenital condition, her breeder dumped Bubbles onto rescue, and was upset that she 'couldn't sell her for $500.' Information about ectopic ureters can be seen at this website: Bubbles condition can be corrected surgically, but it will cost $2000-$2200 for the procedure. Puppies with ectopic ureters often have urinary tract infections, and Bubbles is no exception. Bubbles has been on antibiotics for a month, and must be cleaned twice a day to help prevent further infections and to keep her skin from scalding. The only hope Bubbles has for a normal life is the surgery. Bubbles needs your help, becuase I cannot take on any more debt and my rescue credit card is maxxed out. Please help this sweet puppy. In a just world, her breeder, who profitted mightily from the 'sale' of Bubble's siblings, would pay for the surgery. I regret that I even have to ask the public for help, but it is the only option. It isn't Bubble's fault that she was born with this condition, and the surgery would allow her to live a long and healthy life. Donations for the surgery can be made directly to the veterinarian's office: (Please mark the check with 'For Bubbles' or include a short note 'for Bubbles'

5520 N. Nevada Avenue Suite #110
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: (719) 272-4004

Dr. Chris McReynolds will be performing the surgery if enough money is raised. If enough money is not raised, your donation will be returned or refunded.
Donations can also be made through paypal. Again, please designate: 'For Bubbles' The rescue paypal id is the email address:

Those who donate will receive updates on the amount of money raised, then surgery, and her recovery after surgery.

$500-$600 of the total amount is for the 'scoping' to confirm Bubble's condition. She will then go immediately into surgery, which will cost $1500-$1600. Bubbles will be available for adoption after the surgery, but there is a 50 % chance that she will always be slightly incontinent. Compared to her current condition, that is manageable. As it is now, Bubbles is constantly in danger of developing a serious infection. She arrived with an infection from the breeders, which is being treated. A big 'Thank you' to the wonderful Jennifer Black in Missouri who saved Bubbles life.

This pet is up to date with routine shots.

The Last Resort Small Dog Rescue
Cotopaxi, CO
(719) 942-3738

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What do you think, folks? Can we do it again? DK Sunshine Club, anyone?
I'll donate later today. Let's do what we did for Sophie!! On a side note, Bubbles is adorable!
I'm in...going there now
We are in the process of contacting the rescue and the veterinary hospital. I will update here as information comes in. Thank you Leslie, Sally & Jane, for your big hearts. Any amount helps in these kinds of situations, as we know.
I just donated through was so easy! I will keep my fingers crossed that Bubbles will get surgery! He looks to be my pups age. My Echo is lucky and I hope Bubbles gets lucky too!
If I can do it for Sophie I can surely help this little lady out as well. She is adorable and deserves this chance.
Shame on her breeder! I'm headed that way now.
Thanks, Linda, you're the best!
Donation sent !!!!!!!!!!!
Karen, thank you so much for your kind heart!
Just sent some in via Paypal.
Les, you're the best! Hug that big doodle Halas for me!
Poor Bubbles, she seems to be such a sweetheart. The story of Sophie is still in our minds I guess, so why not do it again?
I'm in as well and will donate now.



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