Even though it has been 4 years now since we lost her, there are those times that her presence shows itself.  Most of the time it is through AnnaBelle as they are so similar.  However,  when I came upon this scene this morning it was like she is still here!  She never wanted pillows on the sofa.  She would push them off onto the floor.  I would come through and pick them all up and she would push them all off again.  It was sort of like our little game.  It was hard to imagine 4 years ago that thinking of her could make me smile, but I love the little memories of her and things like this do make me smile now.  She brought so much joy to our lives, that when I think of her I can't help but smile.3364219981?profile=original

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  • Time is a great healer and allows the good memories to persist.
  • It comforts me to think that the dogs we love are with us forever. :) 

  • Love this.
  • Very sweet memories.

  • I know how you feel. My mom called Orwell 'sweet pea' the other day and while I normally smile at memories of Bonny now, it was painful for her to call Orwell my nickname for Bonny. I have a plethora of nicknames for Orwell, but 'sweet pea' is Bonny's... her's and only her's. 

  • My Rudi, a Samoyed, has been gone for 14 years now. Every now and then a find a single strand of her hair, or think I hear her scratching at the door. Very sweet memories....

  • I believe they live in our hearts forever and every now and then something will happen that triggers a special loving memory.

  • Awww.... I totally understand.  We find that Charlie reminds us so much of our dear sweet Gordie.

  • Forever in our hearts.

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