• His*  sorry for the typo

  • This is his face now his sides have longer patches too. They were shorter. 8501218479?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • I don't think he's going to get the furnishings you are thinking about. His coat is pretty short.  

      • Hes got a longer wavy coat in the back. 8502330882?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • His coat looks a lot like our Luna's did when she was a puppy.  That "stripe" along  the back was just her adult coat growing in.  She was an unfurnished F1 doodle with a coat very similar to a golden.

        • 8502796093?profile=RESIZE_400xThis is very common in flat coats. Very pretty waves. 

    • How old is the pup in this picture

  • So hard to guess!  You could always send in a DNA sample and see if he has the furnishings gene!

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