• What kind of genre's do you like? I listen to audio books for long car rides because I can't read in the car. I also am weird and not a real fan of most music. Even stuff I like I can only take in small doses. The last long trip I took, our 30 something daughter rode with us and brought the book to listen to. It was called "The Girl With All The Gifts", so yeah, don't get that one.

    • In January, we listened to "The Girl on the Train" by Paula Hawkins. Much better, I guess, than "The Girl with all the Gifts!"

  • Something else that's a good idea is to find Podcasts of topics you both like. You can download before the trip and play from your device, if you have that technology.

    And they are free and short (30-90 min), and most are very enlightening.

    • This is a good idea. I know a couple of people that listen to This American Life series. Since I don't have a clue what it's about I can't recommend it.

    • Yes, we listen to many of NPR's podcasts. Last year, we listened to the entire first season of "Serial," which was very compelling.

    • For Podcasts... I highly recommend Serial.   Season One is about the case of Adnan Syed who was accused and convicted of killing his ex-girlfriend Hay Min Lee.    It is fascinating - and being able to listen to the entire series... several episodes at about 1 hour each would be great as opposed to what most of did and had to wait an entire week to hear the next episode. 

      Serial is currently on Season two which takes a look at a case that is more widely know due to the media coverage it received. 

  • I do so little reading lately, so my recent discover that our library lends out audiobooks was super exciting!  But so far I've only managed to get "most" of one book listened to: Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. You might have heard of her before or seen her TED talk on shame.  Non-fiction and not a story but I think it's tremendous.  So many insights applicable to many areas of life.  I also listen to a lot of podcasts:

    Freakanomics Radio
    Radio Lab
    Love, Food
    and This American Life

    I need to find more!

  • I love mysteries when we are traveling and usually pick up one of the latest books by David Baldacci (have you read Guilty) I think it has had good ratings; we have also listened to Flynn books.

  • Harry Potter (narrated by Jim Dale) is my FAVORITE to listen to.... I listen to them probably once a year and  I actually prefer the audiobooks to reading them.  I also really liked listening to Outlander and Gone Girl. If you're into true crime novels, I just listened to "Conviction" by Juan Martinez which is the story of the Jodi Arias trial.

    • Husband isn't into true crime books, but thanks! I never thought of listening to the Harry Potter books. I recently bought Outlander, so while it's a great idea, I think I'll save it. Great suggestions, Kaitlin!

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