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I'm asking this question because I have one that can jump and one that apparently can't. I have a labradoodle named Fenway that's around 25lbs and a goldendoodle named Dustin that's currently around 65lbs. Fenway has been able to jump very well since she was a little thing. She actually seems to have springs in her legs and sometimes reminds me of a cat with how well she jumps even from standing still. It's really rather impressive. Dustin on the other hand can barely make it up on the couch or bed. He actually more steps up on the couch and does a little hop to get up on the bed and sometimes he still misses. He couldn't get up there at all without help until he was about 7 months old and we have a very low bed. He can't jump up in my SUV at all. He sometimes puts his front legs up and then I pick up his back end but most of the time I have to put his front paws up and then lift his back end. It's really unfortunate that he's the one that can't jump because he's the biggest. It just made me wonder if there are other non jumping doodles out there or if my doodle is just that lazy!

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Maybe we'll try this with Dustin. I almost wonder if he just doesn't think he'll fit or something. He did try to jump up in my backseat once and missed and hasn't tried again. Maybe we'll try it again using your trick.
My Gracie Doodle is 70 lbs and is a Standard F1 Golden. She jumps and it is gorgeous to watch. She clears hedges and walls and jumps hoops . She can also stand and jump straight up in the air. But, still there are times she likes to put her front legs on the bed and stand there waiting for us to lift her up. We had to do that when she was a puppy and I think she just does it to get the attention. She certainly is capable of jumping up on the bed. She probably could jump on the upper bunk of bunkbeds!!! ha ha

This is also Graciedoodle.

Gus F1 GD JUMPS straight up! If he's outside and a friend comes over he jumps straight up and down at the sliding glass door almost to the top never hitting the door! So much fun to watch 95 lbs of baboom, baboom, baboom. He's 2 yrs. old and has just started to jump into the car on his own. My daughters F1 GD (Knightly) 60lbs.doesn't jump at all unless it's to clear a fence to get a varmit. Knightly has a Standard Poodle build and Gus has a Golden Ret. build + a few lbs.
That's not jumping that's FLYING! LOL
Guinness loves to jump at Agility Class, but doesn't jump on the bed or any other furniture. We keep his Agility jumps low because I worry about his hips. Although the vet says he's fine, and he's been cleared, I still worry. If he gets the chance to "sneak" through the higher jumps on the course, he'll do it and has no problem. When he was a "new pup" we taught him that he couldn't jump on the furniture and needed to wait to be invited, so I think he just got into that habit. Now he just sits there and looks pathetic until somebody picks him up.
Peri (mini) is a little over 20 pounds and is a BIG jumper. She can jump probably 4-5 feet. I discourage it for many reasons, but sometimes I just can't stop her from flying onto my bed. At least its a soft landing on those legs! I see agility in our future :)
Yes!!! Blaze is about 51 lbs and built like a standard poodle. He can also jump straight up and move to the side in mid-air just like Nancy's Ned.
Watching a 50 pounder do this must be AWESOME!
I am amazed at our two year old doodle Oliver! I have caught him up on top of our kitchen counter numerous times. I tried to figure out how he could jump that high because we have slippery ceramic tile on the floor. One day I was standing by the counter and Oliver was next to me, I turned my back on him, and when I turned around he was on the counter top. Ollie just sprung up there!!!! Another time I was standing behind our sofa and Oliver jumped over the back of it and landed on the cushions. It seems that he literally has springs in his legs! His antics make everyone smile!!!! Oliver is our 47 lb goofball!!!!!!!!
Porter is a 63 lbs LD. He is not much of a jumper, but he does get on his hind legs a lot. For example, when he wants to come inside, he bangs the door with his front paws...never barks. And to get on the bed, he walks in a circle before launching himself onto it!

My neighbor's mini-GD...I am guessing 30 lbs...jumps with all legs off the ground all the time--just to say hi. When he plays fetch, you can see that his goal is to catch the ball while in a jump and before it hits the ground. He is pretty dedicated to the task :-) My dog watches him with a look on his face like, "What is so fun about that? Huh? I want to play keepaway, but I have to wait until this guy's Olympic training session is over...."
Thanks for all of the responses. Maybe there's still hope for Dustin yet. I mean he can jump up on the couch and the bed now, maybe the SUV is next. And like someone said in the discussion about seeing their dog fly up on the bed when they're playing, Dustin does the same. He jumps way better during play when he's chasing Fenway, but on his own when he's playing he doesn't jump very far off of the floor. Maybe he's just really that lazy most of the time and would prefer to be lifted rather than jump on his own.



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