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I'm asking this question because I have one that can jump and one that apparently can't. I have a labradoodle named Fenway that's around 25lbs and a goldendoodle named Dustin that's currently around 65lbs. Fenway has been able to jump very well since she was a little thing. She actually seems to have springs in her legs and sometimes reminds me of a cat with how well she jumps even from standing still. It's really rather impressive. Dustin on the other hand can barely make it up on the couch or bed. He actually more steps up on the couch and does a little hop to get up on the bed and sometimes he still misses. He couldn't get up there at all without help until he was about 7 months old and we have a very low bed. He can't jump up in my SUV at all. He sometimes puts his front legs up and then I pick up his back end but most of the time I have to put his front paws up and then lift his back end. It's really unfortunate that he's the one that can't jump because he's the biggest. It just made me wonder if there are other non jumping doodles out there or if my doodle is just that lazy!

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Rowdy is very picky about his jumping. He's 7 months and 25 pounds. He'll jump after tennis balls or if we have something that he wants in our hands. He refused to jump on the bed though. He'll put his front legs up and will pull on the blankets to try to get up but he can't figure out to jump on it. No amount of bribing can get him to jump on the bed.
Just thought this was kind of funny. We were leaving for the dog park today and Fenway had already jumped up in the car. I encouraged Dustin to at least get his front feet up there, but he wouldn't so I went to the other side of the car and opened the door to try to coax him in. He put his front paws up on the seat but didn't even attempt to jump in so I called him again so he got down and ran around the car to my side. I had to laugh at this. I know I was supposed to have someone else there to help, but since I didn't I tried it anyway and realized Dustin's smarter than I thought and lazier too!
LOL, my Husband has taught Hershey to jump over him to get treats or a toy. He'll sit on the ground and put his legs out straight and raise them a few feet off the ground. Hershey wil jump over his legs, back and forth, 20 times, just to get the squeaky duck! Jumping higher than that, I dunno... We're considering having a picket fence (4 ft?) put up around a portion of our yard.... I think that might only contain her if we are out there playing with her. I would never leave her out by herself, the temptation would be too great!
Lizzie, at 55 lbs, can jump totally sideways from standing still, jump probably four feet into the air, and jump into/onto anything. She can take the whole stairway in 3 strides. I try not to encourage any of it, but dbf thinks it's fun to watch. It is nice with the car and SUV though, because I can say load up from the front door and she'll run out and jump right in and wait for the ride! We have a 6 foot privacy around half of our yard and a 4 ft chain link around the other half and she has never tried to jump either. I'm sure she could if she wanted to. Her exercise pen is also 4 ft and she's never tried to escape that either. I wish I could get some action shots of her jumping off the porch though!!



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