I'm asking this question because I have one that can jump and one that apparently can't. I have a labradoodle named Fenway that's around 25lbs and a goldendoodle named Dustin that's currently around 65lbs. Fenway has been able to jump very well since she was a little thing. She actually seems to have springs in her legs and sometimes reminds me of a cat with how well she jumps even from standing still. It's really rather impressive. Dustin on the other hand can barely make it up on the couch or bed. He actually more steps up on the couch and does a little hop to get up on the bed and sometimes he still misses. He couldn't get up there at all without help until he was about 7 months old and we have a very low bed. He can't jump up in my SUV at all. He sometimes puts his front legs up and then I pick up his back end but most of the time I have to put his front paws up and then lift his back end. It's really unfortunate that he's the one that can't jump because he's the biggest. It just made me wonder if there are other non jumping doodles out there or if my doodle is just that lazy!

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  • Jordan can not jump at all. Maybe 3 inches is the most she has ever got off the ground. She is 70p.
  • When he's retrieving tennis balls, Jackdoodle gets "maximum air"...all four feet off the ground & waaaay up there! And he weighs 82 lbs, so it's a sight to see, lol! No trouble with beds or sofas, either. Getting in & out of the SUV can be tricky for him sometimes, but that seems to have more to do with how wide the door is opened. It did take him awhile to get over being nervous about jumping out.
    If you're sure there's no problem with his hips or knees, I wouldn't worry about it. I have a feeling Dustin could jump if he wanted to...
  • Spud can jump over 5 ft. He clears my head and I am 5'1"
    I would prefer he didn't jump as much. I worry about his hips
    • White Dogs Can't Jump
      • Love this!!!! How about a new title "White Doods Can't Jump, The Sequel" or "Air Dood" (also a sequel)
        • What I appreciate here are all your great pictures. How do you capture the dog in to air?? I have 25 pictures of my dog and NONE are good. Here is my best--please forgive me. No one said you had to be a photographer to own a doodle.

        • Air Dood. :)
          That is Great Nancy.
  • Yeah, we have recently trained Darwin to jump in the air to catch the frisbee, the rope, etc. He can get really high up there! I worry about it a little because he is only six months old... can this be bad for his joints if he is still young?
    • I know with German Shepherds puppies, they tell you not to let them jump like that...it can be bad for the hips on large breeds at that age. It's the landing that's the problem.
  • Ned is a 26 pound medium dood who can jump straight up and move to the side mid-air. He does this when he is playing or wants to get on the couch. A friend has a mini goldendoodle (Edith and Lucy). Lucy can jump really high right over things. It was amazing to watch her.
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