I am aware that cancer is an issue for all dog breeds. However, I know that there is a very high incidence among Goldens. Is the rate of cancer also high in Golden Doodles?

For owners, how old are you dogs and what, if any, types of health problems have you encountered?

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    • I had. Newfie with the type of mouth cancer that you described. We had it removed and it also returned. We didn't want to remove her lower jaw and it did not interfere with her ability to eat, ao we left it alone. It was a shame because it's a no win situation with thise types of things. I wonder if some type of lasert treatment, like MOHS, would have worked. Bernese Mountain dogs also seem to have a pretty high incidence of cancer and they're a large breed too. 

  • Lost my F1 goldendoodle to hemangiosarcoma last year. He was 10 years and 9 mos old. He survived 6 months after a splenectomy with only holistic treatment, no chemo. I know of 2 littermates who are  still alive, no sign of cancer. Goldens have a statisically high rate of all kinds of cancer. Not sure if I would ever get another golden mix. However, with that said, I also lost a 12 yo afghan hound to suspected hemangiosarcoma.


  • My research has shown that 66% of Golden Retriever will pass from some form of cancer.  That doesn't mean they will be young when it happens.  We had litermates.  We lost one to cancer.  She was diagnosed at 4.5 years with Lymphoma and we let her got right after her 5th birthday.  We still have Sister Lucy who is now 11.5.  We were concerned because they were litermates.  Our Vet took precautions in only vacinating Lucy every 3 years, but we now do Titer testing so she doesn't even get them that frequently now.  Who knows, seems to be no rhyme or reason, just like people.

  • My mini goldendoodle was diagnosed with oral melanoma at the age of 6. After years of treatment, he is still alive at 11 1/2.
    My other mini goldendoodle, his sister, was recently diagnosed with adrenal cancer at 12 years of age. I love doodles but I don’t think I’d ever adopt another one. It’s just too heartbreaking.

  • My jack is going to be 11 years old. He has mitral valve disease. Apparently, that is common and try and mini poodles. His dad was a mini poodle. I am in a group for dogs with mitral valve disease and congestive heart failure and there is a growing rate of golden doodles in that group.

    • I lost my Zeus, standard goldendoodle, to hemangiosarcoma at 10 years 9 months. Two full siblings, that I know of, are still alive and healthy and just turned 12. I did not overvaccinate, use any chemicals or expose him to anything that could have caused this. I believe cancer strikes randomly, but I believe the golden retriever genes may have played a role. I don't know if I will ever get another, I don't think I could ever go through this again.



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