We found some type of canker sore/cut on Sam's top gum last night while brushing his teeth. We sent a photo to our vet this morning. She said to keep an eye on that spot and if it's not healing within several days or if is bothering him (affecting appetite, etc), we should bring him in. It doesn't seem to bother him when we touch it and his appetite has bee normal. However, it seems the growth has gotten a little bigger tonight.

Any thoughts on what this could be and what caused it? He has been chewing on a new goat horn this week but I wouldn't think that would cause this type of cut. 



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  • Looks like a papilloma to me. Very common. 

  • Thanks, Karen. I looked it up online to educate myself. We'll keep an eye on it. Any suggestions on treatment from your experience?
    • They usually go away on their own, although they can sometimes become infected. 

      I always think it's a good idea to have the vet look at any new lump or bump; however, since your vet has "seen" it and doesn;t think you need to bring him in, I'd echo the advice to just watch it. 

  • You're welcome! Very glad to hear it! 

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