Car Sickness

Andie gets car sick.  He either heavy drools, vomits or both.  A five minute ride will bring it on.  Any suggestions?  Do pheromone sprays or collars work?

Andie just before the ride home from the groomer.


When we got home Andie's legs and chest were wet with drool.  : (


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  • Many people have found that having them in a car harness facing the front helps with car sickness. 
    Facing front seems to help humans with car sickness, too. 

  • One of Milo's littermates gets carsick no matter what.  I would not let it go on for long before starting on an anti-nausea med from your vet.  Because eventually just the IDEA of going somewhere brings anxiety and then you have anxiety AND nausea that make the dog convinced its anxiety was warranted.

    I would:
    1) Feed meals in the car -- without going anywhere for a while until it seems he's chill about eating in there.
    2) Play games in the car -- without going anywhere until it seems he's chill about playing in there.
    3) Go in and out of the car without going anywhere, you can give a treat for it or not.  Hang out in there in a boring way.
    4) Plan a few car trips that DON'T involve TURNS or as few as possible and drive like a toddler is standing in the front seat.  THAT steady.  But give the car sick medicine the right amount of time in advance so nausea is LOW.  And just keep it short.  

    • Thanks, Adina.  I will get meds from the vet and try your 1 - 4 suggestions.   We had tried some of that.  His breeder/groomer suggested meds today.   (She got the worst of it.  He had vomit on both front legs.😠)





      • It is quite possibly coincidental but my Cooper stopped getting sick when I put a hammock in the back seat and he started riding in back. He may also have just grown out of it as many people told me he would. I hope you find a solution. Getting carsick would have severely limited all the fun things we do together. 

  • Toby has been getting carsick too.  

    I find when he is calm/not nervous he is much more rarely sick.  We've been taking Toby to my daughter's school pick ups for socialization and when he rides on my lap and I pet him he stays calmer and doesn't seem to get sick.  The couple times my husband took him alone though (and when one of us takes him alone anywhere, like to the vet) he gets sick. 

    For Toby anyway it does seem to be anxiety related so hopefully having some nice calm car rides with lots of rubs and cuddles will help him grow out of it.  

  • Andie has not finished all this vaccinations so I i called the vet and for a quick temporary fix it was decided to give him trasadone and see what happens.  This morining I gave him 1/2 a tablet and 2 hours later took him in for his rabies vaccination.  He barely drooled both going to the vet and coming home.

    We are trying to accustom him to the car and feeding him in in once a day or more depening on the weather which has been rotter here for the last week or so.  Spending some time durig the day in the car and taking some very short rides. 

    I am hopeing this will help and also that he will just grow out of it.  A previous dog, Cole', outgrew the problem.

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