I've started casually searching for a breeder since DH says he is "ready" for another dog next year and I know wait lists can be long.  

This all started when a few goldendoodle puppies appeared in the neighborhood recently giving him a serious case of puppy fever.

I tried for a LONG time to convince DH that what he really wanted was a standard poodle for our next dog.  He says he misses that "Golden" personality (because every Golden has the same personality, right?) and that poodle coats are too curly, he prefers the shaggy look.  I said "why don't we just get a well-bred Golden then?"... he wants a shaggy monster he says.

I also searched for other large breed dogs that look like doodles but there aren't too many (I couldn't find any, actually, that I know DH would like and would fit our lifestyle).  That also wouldn't fix DH's desire to have a "golden-like" dog.

So now I have the unenviable task of searching for good-quality breeder that breeds Standard F1 goldendoodles. 

I have yet to find a single one that ticks off all my "quick review" boxes:

- Does health testing of parents

- health-guaranteed puppies for 2+ years

- Breeds standard goldendoodles (WHY are there only minis everywhere?!)

- Aren't clearly price-gouging (one of the ones that looked promising was charging $4500+tax.. so nearly $5000... what the doodle!?)


I've thought about the possibility of rescue but my kids are young and we aren't really a good fit for a rescue because of that.  

Any tips on getting my stubborn DH to broaden his horizons?  Hot tips on large breed (~50-70 lbs) shaggy dogs that would be good for a family with young kids? :)

So far my short-list of breeders is extemely short (AKA non-existent)!  



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  • Portuguese Water Dog? Irish Water Spaniel?

    • I think those fall under the "too curly" category in DH's eyes.  I've floated the PWD idea before and it didn't get any traction.  I think he just really has his heart set on a goldendoodle, but I'll keep trying!  It's so hard to find a good doodle breeder.

      • PWDs are true working dogs. They are hell on wheels for the first 4-5 years of their lives. 

        • I've heard that too.  No thanks!  It's the one of the reasons I don't want something like a border collie or husky.  They are a little *too* much dog for us.

  • great question! I'm interested in seeing what others suggest. I get a lot of "why didn't you just get a purebred lab... blah blah..." When I got my F1 labradoodle. I want what I want that's why! But honestly... what compares to a doodle you click with?!

    • I think what DH is searching for is the deep connection and "goofball" spirit he had with our first doodle, Luna.  Riley is a great and very friendly dog but she is a lot more "aloof" and cat-like in her affection demands than Luna was.  Luna was a velcro dog and had a lot of silly quirks.  Riley is a lot more low-key and has her own quirks but is less "silly".

      He may never find what he had with Luna, she may have been his lifetime "heart dog", and I agree that she was amazing.  I just don't know how much of that has to do with breed (if any of it) and just her individual personality.  Goldens are famously lovable in their personalities though.

      • It has nothing to do with breed, and everything to do with her individual personality.

        • I think we need to have a talk about that as well.  Luna "chose" him when we visited the breeder (sat on his feet and wouldn't let him go) and from that point on she was "his" dog.  She loved me too but not quite as much.  

          He just wants another super cuddly dog I think. One who always wants to be with him.  There's no guarantee a new dog will get attached like that.  

      • I would say Milo, my standard puppy, is very derpy and goofballish.  I was visiting my parents this weekend and they fell in love with him.  My stepdad barely pays attention to Boca (who is a fabulous dog) beyond a light pet here and there, but he sat on the floor with Milo. 

        He's NOT aloof.  With a solid breeder, you will get what you're looking for.  Milo was the "friendliest" puppy always at the gate first and he's still very friendly and interested in meeting people.  I was also looking for another Rosco (which is silly logically, but not emotionally) so I get wanting another Luna.  Milo is *better* in many ways and simply different in others.  The one thing I didn't get is size.  Another brother in the litter turned out HUGE (not as big as the big R, but relatively speaking) and I sometimes feel a pang of jealousy for the SIZE, buuuuut, I wouldn't trade Milo!

  • Having been involved in doodle rescue for 12 years, I can tell you that every goldendoodle does NOT have a friendly, goofy, loveable personality. And having spent 62 years living with Poodles, I can also tell you that most goldendoodles' personalities are just as much Poodle as they are Golden. 
    There are also NO breeders that I have seen or heard of who are breeding standard F1 goldendoodles and meet the "What to Look for in a Breeder" guidelines. 
    Minis are the ticket these days. (Even in rescue. 50 times a day I have someone messaging me through DRC looking for a mini goldendoodle.) And higher generations as well. You are basically looking for a unicorn, lol. 
    (As far as price goes,  I personally cannot fathom how anyone spends $2000+++++ on a puppy from anything less than fully health tested parents from known and proven lines, especially when there is also no way to know what you are getting in terms of looks, size, coat, or temperament. But judging by the number of people with doodle puppies out there, I guess I am in the minority.) 
    IF you can provide enough exercise, there is a breed that might fit your DH's desires. An Italian Spinone. You might do some research on them. I'd have one if I was able to take a dog out somewhere to run several times a week 52 weeks a year.

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