Ivy has developed a chalazion on her upper eyelid.  I took her to the Vet who diagnosed it and gave her Topomycin drops and said to apply warm compresses 3 times a day.  Well the drops are no problem but try to apply warm compresses to her eye...............she wants no part of it.  Ironically, my daughter had the same thing about a year ago and had to have it drained.  I'm thinking I may have to do the same with Ivy.  Was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience?  Here is a pic, it has not changed at all in almost 2 weeks.  3364244041?profile=original

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  • Did the vet give you any time frame? If not, I'd call and report that there has been no progress yet and ask if you should bring him back in.

    • Yes I have to bring her back in a week.  We are wintering in Florida so this is not our regular vet, just one that was recommended.  I did like her but I'm thinking I should make an appointment with an ophthalmologist Vet 

  • Still no change but I have an appointment with a Veterinarian Ophthalmologist this afternoon.  I sent a picture and it was confirmed to be a Chalazion.  It will most likely need to be removed, which they will do today.  No anesthesia, just a sedative and not a bad recovery.  Will post after appointment. 

    • Hope it goes well.
      Jack had a cancerous growth (hemangisarcoma) removed from his third eyelid by a veterinary ophthalmologist some years back. Just local anesthesia; took about 30 minutes and he came home feeling just fine & needed no care other than eye drops. I hope Ivy's recovery is just as easy. 

      • So now I am a bit baffled.  Ophthalmologist did not think it was a Chalazion.  She checked her tear production, 23 right eye, 21 left eye and she called it a "mass".  She did a needle aspiration and will have results tomorrow.  I have to say it was the quickest $287.00 that I ever spent!  She was hesitant to say anything and just said we would know tomorrow.  Ivy's eye is not affected at all, it is strictly the eyelid.  Please say a prayer that all is well and I will check in with results tomorrow.   

        • Try not to worry. Did you notice in my post above I mentioned that Jack had a hemangiosarcoma removed from his eyelid? Hemangiosarcoma is one of the deadliest forms of cancer in existence; it's a death sentence when it occurs almost anywhere in the body...except the eyelid or the ear. Bascially, if a dog is going to have some kind of growth or mass, the eyelid is a usually a good place to have it, lol. 
          For that matter, Jack had needle aspirations of all kinds of lumps and bumps over the years, and they all came back benign and harmless. Hope and expect the same for your pup's. 

          • Thanks Karen...I did miss your post about Jack, so now I feel better.  I had a cockapoo who had all kinds of bumps, had them aspirated and it was never anything, she was a lot older though.  Ivy is not yet 4 so I worried a bit more.  We are wintering in Florida so we are away from our regular vet but I have to assume the ophthalmologist is right. 


            • I'm a great believer in specialists. :) 

            • I just heard from specialist, the bump is a histiocytoma which is a benign skin tumor that originates in the Langerhans cells, immune cells that function to provide protective immunity to the tissues that are in contact with the outer environment.  It is common in young dogs and certain breeds including Cocker Spaniels (included in the make up of an ALD). She said it is best to leave it alone and should only be removed if it affects the quality of life of the dog.  She said that most go away between 2 and 4 months.  She also recommended using Genteal Eye Gel to help with the uncomfortableness.  So it is good news :)  

            • Very good news! Glad to hear it!

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