• Very disappointing. I saw this coming and switched to another brand in September. It's m not sure I'll stay with what I switched too though. 

  • Well, this has been coming for years now, and I thought maybe it wasn't going to happen, it's been so long. But here it is. It seems like smaller companies always end up as part of some huge corporation. I guess eventually, everything will be owned by just one company. Very disappointing. I am going to remove them from the recommended list and post this link. 

    • It's really sad isn't it?


      • I really hate to switch, both Oliver 11.5 and Ivy 8.5 have done so well on Orijen. As much as I hate to support such a large Corporation, unless they make a change to the ingredients, I think I will keep them on it.


        • It's not so much concern about a change in ingredients, it's the problem of where the ingredients come from. Mars, Inc. is the 4th largest corporation in the world, and the largest one that deals exclusively food/beverages. As such, they source their ingredients through third party food brokers, and the supply chain is obscure at best. Mars was the largest player by far in the 2007 dog food recalls, in which thousands of dogs and cats died or were made permanently ill from melamine substituted for rice gluten by the Chinese company that submitted the lowest bid to the broker. Because of this murky supply chain, it was extremely difficult to track down the source of whatever was killing people's pets, and the time lost along with the less-than-transparent supply chain may have contributed to numbers of pets who died. The most outstanding thing about the Champion Food products was their completely transparent local sourcing, and that will be gone now, regardless of whether or not the ingredients themselves change. I am absolutely certain that the third party food brokers, themselves huge corporate businesses, are not going to entertain bids from local farmers, fishermen, and ranchers in North America. 
          However, this is a choice that we each have to make for ourselves, and I understand your hesitancy to change a diet with which your dogs have done so well. 
          I'm simply letting people know that I am happy to help those who want to change. :) 

          • We already switched but I'd be very interested in your opinion of the closest brand to Orijen's ingredients. I'm not wedded to our new brand. 

            • Without going and looking at the formulas right this minute (which I would do for you, lol, but Jasper is waiting for his trick training session), I'd say Wellness CORE or possibly one of the Stella & Chewy kibbles. 

              • Ugh we finally found a food that worked for Toby (Acana lamb and apple).   May try out Horizon Pulsar Lamb as a substitute.

            • Or were you asking about the company's sourcing?

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