Hello, I am wondering if my goldendoodle Bubba's coat is experiencing a normal change from puppy to adult or if he has an issue with his skin/coat. 

He is 10.5 months old and his coat is wavy/straight with very silky soft chest and head and more of a wirey feel on his back and tail. The past few weeks we found his head hair to be losing its silky, soft thickness and its appearing to thin out and become dry and frizzy. It seems like he is loosing his hair on his head. He was scratching alot in the nights for about 2 weeks and we were finding hairballs every morning so we figure he scratched some of it out. The scratching didnt last much longer than 2 weeks. Maybe the damage is already done. If anyone has had similar experiences I would love to hear. 

His head hair at the roots is white and more fuzzy compared to the gold silky locks he lost. 

I added some pictures of his hair. Close up of top is today. The one sitting is about 3 months ago when it was healthy. May not be as noticable in pics as it is in person. 

ps. I brush him regularly, He never has mats and he eats a salmon and sweet potatoe recipe for senstitive skin/coat and we started salmon oil recently to help with coat.




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  • It's his coat change; he's losing his puppy coat and his adult coat is coming in. He's just about the right age for it.
    Scratching cannot permanently damage the coat, so don't worry about that. And what you are describing doesn't sound like any kind of skin condition. He's probably just uncomfortable from the loose hair in his coat.
    Most dogs have silkier, softer hair as puppies than as adults. People too. Adult coats are usually woolier and coarser than puppy coats. 
    It's SUPER super important that you keep his coat well brushed out to the skin; otherwise he is going to end up a matted mess and need to be shaved down. Use a good slicker brush and then a metal comb after brushing to make sure you are getting all the way down to the skin. 

    • Thats reassuring, and what we were hoping to hear. Thanks for the reply! 

    • This is bringing back memories! Keep brushing and combing as Karen said, and make sure that you get every tangle out all the way down to Bubba's skin. I remember combing my two labradoodles every day from eight months to about 11 months. 


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