My vet sells organic food for dogs and he suggested that I consider changing the store brand food I feed my 14 week old puppy to Orijen. Since I'm new to this whole doodle world, I was wondering if this would be a good move. Of course I will do what is best for Emma. Any thoughts....

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  • Orijen is an excellent brand, and I am very impressed by any vet who recommends it. 

  • We love our Orijen! And if you are looking to compare prices w/ your has great prices and free shipping over $49. I just put in an order in today!
    • Thank you Rosemary, I will buy my first bag from the vet and then look into the site you suggested.
  • Kudos to your vet!
  • My pup wasn't eating and I switched him to Orijen and he is doing phenomenal! Eats 2X a day, I can train him with the kibble, his BMs and normal 2x a day, it is fabulous!!!!!! Any vet that recommends it is a keeper!!!!!!!!! Good luck!
  • I am jealous of your vet!!

  • Not only will I thank my vet for the suggestion, but will definitely change Emma's food to Orijen. Thank you all for your responses to my question. This site is amazing.
  • Very impressive!! I think Emma is in good hands! :) 

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