Just saw these at our local doggie boutique, has anyone used these for treats? One ingredient....Apparently the furbabies love them, I just don't want to buy a box if they aren't good for Toby, seems like we buy and try so many treats for Toby, only to find out he doesn't really care for them, or they aren't good for him. Any thoughts on these?

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  • They look wonderful to me. Just baked cheese, human quality, made in USA. And they have 10 calories per 3 treats. Of course, nobody can know if Toby will like them, but I'd take a chance on these. 

    • Thanks, Karen. I am always looking for something different for him as he tends to get bored with the same treats and flavor after awhile, he absolutely loves cheese, I like to rotate treats for him but always try to be sure I am giving him something that is not going to bad for him. I will give these a try. 

  • Real Parmesan cheese, which is referred to as Parmigiano Reggiano, Gruyere, Kerrygold Swiss or French Raclette is often  cost under $20 per pound. Those are good fancy cheese, many other under $10. Treats will cost $41per lb.

    • These treats contain 3 calories each, though. 

      Money is not always the only consideration. :) 

  • Make your own cheese crisps. If you know exactly how much cheese you use and how many treats you get, you can figure the calorie count and know his limit of treats. All you need is grated cheese a cookie sheet and an oven. :>)

  • I just ordered the 1.7 oz bags, three bags for $14.44, each bag has 75 cheese treats, will let you know how he likes these...
  • The cheese treats may be overpriced but they are lower in calories than store bought human cheeses, and it's convenient.  

    I buy bags of chicken Pure Bites treats. It's just plain dehydrated chicken breast. It costs about $2.00 an ounce, or $32 per lb. Now, I know that I can buy chicken breasts for much less, and cook them myself and cut them up, but I don't want to have to do all that. So you could also say that the doggy chicken is overpriced, or not a smart purchase,  but I am paying for convenience. Some of us are not do-it-yourselfers, and don't like to spend time on food preparation. That's what I mean by money is not the only consideration. :)
    We can give advice about whether or not a product is a good product, i.e. does it contain anything harmful? Is the sourcing safe? Is the company reputable? But when it comes to how people choose to spend their money, that's not really what this group is about. Now, if it was a financial planning group, maybe....LOL

    • Sorry for my silly comments.  I forgot about convenience! It is a very big plus !!!                         P.S. I'm retired for 20+years - bored,  kids grown up and out of the house. I love to cook and I always homemade treats for my dogs - dehydrated, baked or frozen. 

  • I bought the small bags for convenience, I felt the bigger box of 300 cheese bites was too big and would take too long to use all 300 of them. They will be easy to use home and on the go. Toby does eat just about anything, but we like to switch his treats up every now and then because he does get bored after awhile with the same thing. He loves cheese and with Karen giving these a thumbs up to try, I am anxious to get them. I know they seem a bit pricey, but then again, I would rather spend the money and make sure he is getting something good.   Thanks for all the input and suggestions. 

  • Got our bags of Cheese Please treats today...Toby LOVES them!

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