Chew toys to shred (hopefully DIY)

After trying almost every suggested chew item for Truffle, with none of them holding her attention (talking antlers, horns, yak sticks, ones that are supposed to smell like bacon once slobbered on, "real" sticks, bully sticks, you name it ....)

Truffle likes to shred, chewy things that let her get a grip and shred: woven baskets, my CPAP mask & hose (4 of those so far; I'm to blame because I forget to both put it away and keep her out of my bedroom when I'm not in there), bottle brush, 

I'm just wondering if anyone has suggestions about what I could try to make for her?

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  • Editing to Add ... felted dryer balls are of great interest ... good tension for shredding. Am very sad to have lost 3 of them recently !!!!

  • My 8 month old pup, Nellie, really enjoys chewing on sticks.  She is lucky enough to live on a beach, so we have sticks off the beach that probably taste salty.  We are lucky that she doesn't swallow anything, but loves to chew up sticks into little pieces (and frequently brings them in the house to chew, so I am always cleaning up!) She has turned into a power chewer and I have gotten her a couple nylabones that she likes.  She chewed a rubbery teether into little pieces, but spit them all out, luckily.  Another odd thing she likes, is large clam shells off the beach. She gnaws on them, but doesn't break any pieces off.  Since she doesn't swallow anything, I have decided it is okay.  The clamshell is in the rotation in her toy basket.  (It sounds like she is sharpening her teeth when she gnaws on it - like chalk on a chalkboard!) We have a beachwood post holding up our bar, and the whole bottom of it is gnawed, but you really can't tell.  Luckily, she has never started on a piece of furniture.  She seems to know the things that are hers (other than the post, but we never tried to stop her from chewing on that, so she knows that is okay).  My husband has been doing remodeling over the summer, so we have had wood scraps around.  She also likes a piece of 2x4 to chew on.  She will get pieces of plywood, but my husband doesn't let her have those - they have glue in them.  It's discouraging when you buy an expensive chew toy and they don't like it.  I bought a $12 Himilayan chew, but she only tries to bury it in the couch and has never chewed on it!  Hope you can find something that Truffle likes!

    • Thanks. She does like sticks, and sometimes they will occupy her for a while, other times not so much. Interesting idea that it might be a scent or taste that appeals to her.

      • Took a stick this evening, put it in water & added beef boullion ... microwaved for 5 minutes and will let it soak until tomorrow evening. We'll see whether that is attractive. ...

        It seems so much dependent upon the texture! Gave her a gallon plastic jug tonight with hot dog bits thrown in. That occupied her for a good 30 minutes.

  • You are actually better off that she doesn't like the antlers or hard things to chew.  AnnaBelle recently had to have 2 cracked teeth removed.  We have removed all of these things from the house.

  • What about tightly braided/woven fleece? I feel like it might not shred like rope or fabric toys. Rope gives me anxiety because they ingest pieces, even when I'm watching. 

    • that's an idea - I'll give it a try.

    • That’s what I was going to suggest also. You can purchase them or make them yourself. 

  • My daughter's Koda is the same way.  I call her "Jaws".  She shreds all of her toys, paper or anything she can get a hold of.

    • Truffle actually doesn't shred her toys! Just "stuff" off of my desk, my nightstand ... things that are mine instead of offered to her ... LOL

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