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I had Riley on Merrick turducken (actually I was trying to transistion her to it) and as I added more, she wanted it less and eventually threw up. After a trip to the vet, he put her on low reside for two weeks to let her digestive track "rest" and then wants her on Royal Canin Medium Breed. These past two weeks I have put yogurt with her kibble as well as a little shredded cheese and she has eaten like a champ. Down side of the low residue is that it has a BAD preservative listed at the very end...At any rate, I have been looking at dog foods yet again and my vet's big thing is that they HAVE to had had food trials...that is why is looks at the major brands. I did check on CSDS and it has trials, it is rated 4 stars but, on the rate it all site, there are some who really trash it and others who swear by it. It is higher rated than the Royal Canin and I hate giving her corn gluten, I don't want her to throw up or have diahrrea, so....Can any one give me their experience with this food?

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Our senior border collie eats the senior version. We've been happy with it. It is very similar in ingredients to Canidae.
I don't know about Royal Canin, but Rusty eats Fromm (5 star food) Very good ingredients, no perservatives. He loves it and does very well on it. He used to eat Canidae, but when we found out how much he loves Fromm, we stuck with it. Lots of cool flavors, too. We tried some other foods earlier on, and he'd have very loose stools, or just not want to eat it.
Check out It's a great site that gives you info on thousands of dog foods, including ratings, ingredients, etc. We also mix some kiefer or yogurt in his food. Boy he licks that bowl clean! I recently bought some organic pumpkin to mix in for variety. Lots of fiber, and supposedly good for digestion. Good luck.
Marion, I just did a search for "Chicken Soup" in the DK forums and came up with quite a few posts that may help:

I have recently started using Fromm, too, and am very very happy with it. But the above discussions may give you the feedback you are looking for on the "Chicken Soup" food.
I tried CSDS, and tho it is rated well, my Abby wouldn't eat it - for what ever reason. I feed her a combination of 2 dry foods combined.
Marion ~ I am sure we have talked about this before, but have you tried the Evangers canned classic chicken. It is excellent for sensitive stomach issues. If you want more information, I will post, but do not want to be redundant if it is not information you are interested in. Did you ever put her on digestive enzymes? So sorry this has been such an issue for you.
I have looked for the brand to do research locally, but it is not sold locally to my knowledge. I would love to have more info. Also, what brand of digestive enzymes? I found a site called pawnaturals, but didn't know what brand is the best, etc. Actually, Riley looks great (shiny coat, great teeth, good weight) and her blood work came back perfect, so even with the food issues, she is a darling and healthy puppy. If I can just get her on a food she will eat consistently that will keep her digestive system happy and be good for her teeth and coat, it will be great.



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