Did anyone see the Oprah special last night? While she and "Michelle"were on a tour of the whitehouse, Bo the "first dog" came running down the hall. He was groomed to perfection and has the cutest little white feet on his black PWD body. He ran to them and sat on command. Oprah was impressed. Then he gave Michelle and Oprah a "high five". Michelle showed where the stockings were hung for each of them and the girls and there was one for BO!! Oprah commented on this and Michelle said "Well Santa loves BO too". For a family that has never had a dog before, it looked to me like they adore this sweet little guy. Michelle even walks him around the grounds herself when she can. Looks like this little guy is real family pet. It just made me happy to see that. If anyone knows how to download pictures from the show, pls feel free to post them. I would love to see them.

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  • Me too.
  • It seemed as though their eyes sparkled when they looked at him. :) I did not get to see the show but I did see a clip on the news.
    Wish I had their trainer.
  • They must have someone who works with him everyday-he is so well behaved and just as cute as any dog I have ever seen. If I didn't have a cute doodle I would be researching PWD's after watching that.
  • There was actually an interview with Michelle and the girls the other night about Christmas and Bo came out during the show and started barking at Santa. He was so cute and Michelle said "Bo doesn't know about Santa yet!" I just thought it was precious. I think y'all are right. They really adore this dog!
  • You can watch it on
  • I also noticed that Michelle called him "BoBo". That's the nickname I have been calling my Beau since he was an infant! Their Bo is almost as adorable as my BeauBeau. Did you hear when Oprah was suggesting that Bo needed a "buddy"? I wrote to and volunteered my baby to be his buddy for a day...have not heard back yet! :o)
    • Yes I heard Oprah mention a "buddy for Bo" and Michelle looked mortified!! and said No Oprah, please no, no, no. I think she thought that Oprah may send them a puppy or that she had one waiting in the "wings". Personally, I think this shows once more how "hands on" they are when it comes to Bo. If the dog was with his "people" all the time, why would she mind another puppy? I think your Beau Beau would make a wonderful playmate for BoBo Obama. All in all it was a really good special. As a Canadian, I really enjoyed it and it made the "first family" feel more personal, like real people. I loved it that they talked about 5 yrs ago, living in a condo, struggling to pay the bills just like everyone else. Nice family, cute dog.
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