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I am LOVING all of the beautiful Christmas cards! But I would also find it funny to see the reject pictures! Just for some Christmas love:

Here's ours:

The tongue was OUT OF CONTROL!


Can't sit still too long either.

Can't wait to see them!

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Too funny~
This one is priceless. One coming and one going!!!
Love the tongues!!! Doodles and their silly tongues.
HAHAHAHAHA!!! I love them ALL!!!!! I am laughing so hard right now!!!
She looks so HUMILIATED with the antlers on :-) They lite up too!

What a great photo!
This is so funny....we have some rejects as well...Comiskey was intent on closing her eyes...and Beemer thought that anything on his head was to heavy (we had the same problem at Halloween)....although I took 70 photos...I have included only two here...

"This hat is very heavy"

"I think Santa dropped his hat!"
Your photos are always the cutest! You are so creative!
I love the big bow! So cute! Makes me wonder what your accepted picture was.
I've been trying for 3 days now to get a good pic for our holiday card. I could fill up this website with rejects, as Lucy and Sophie will never be like Bocker and love their photo taken. Here are a couple of my favorite rejects.

We were trying to take a picture in front of the Veteran's Home where they visit, and they were already tired ..... I think Sophie was thinking "Are we Done Yet"

"We will not look at the Camera ..... we are finished"

I have some as well.

My daughter is wondering what is going on!

Samson moved at the last minute! Only his head in the pic!



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