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I am LOVING all of the beautiful Christmas cards! But I would also find it funny to see the reject pictures! Just for some Christmas love:

Here's ours:

The tongue was OUT OF CONTROL!


Can't sit still too long either.

Can't wait to see them!

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I am so impressed with all of you who managed to get any shot of your doodles wearing a Santa hat! Mine wouldn't keep it on for even one second, so I tried using antlers from an old Halloween costume (my daughter was Rudolph one year). If looks could kill.....

I love this picture!! If looks could kill.... :)
HA! The annoyance on that face is toooo funnyyy!!!
Those are definitely some evil eyes looking at you! :-)
Here are a few of our Christmas Card reject photos....In the end we ended up with a card that included their photo with Santa as well as a picture of each of them in the reindeer antlers. I'm amazed they kept the antlers on long enough for a photo:)

OK...What is going on here?

Somebody, HELP ME !!!
As you can tell (from the above photo's) for those of you who responded to my "how to bath your doodle" discussion, Thomas still has a dirty face. The bath actually went well, although it took almost an hour. But just before the "photo shoot" my brother showed up with his two labs and the three boys were playing out in the backyard... sure enuf my boy decided to dig up some of his rocks to show his cousins. THUS-the filthy face!! ARgghhhh-so his photos even on his Christmas card will be that of a dirty doodle.
I have NOT mastered the art of washing the face without either not actually getting it clean or leaving a soapy mess.

I am so enjoying all of these pictures! I posted two, but like most of you, I have a "trash" full of them. I haven't actually gotten one picture I am happy with yet.
I've worked with Lizzie since she was a little pup on washing her face! She lets me do it now without too much of a fight, which is good because her face is stinky!! I love the snowflake headpiece too! To bad it doesn't seem that thomas does...
Wow, how can a dirty Doodle be on a white sofa and it is still clean???? We have to shampoo Gracie Doodle's feet and face almost every day after dirt or wet/muddy grass play!
Very good question about the white couch!! It is brand new and I ordered it in "Dog proof " leather. It is thicker thatn most of the leather couches you can find and is totally washable. He never gets up there though-my son coaxed him up for the "photo shoot". Dirty face and feet... arghhh
I like the snowflake headband too - wear did you get it?



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