I'm wanting to start doing my own grooming.  I plan to groom my daughters Goldendoodle and my standard poodle.  For those who groom themselves, what are you favorite clippers for body and face (I have a poodle so need a shaved face for her).  

Hoping to keep it at around $200 or less for the clippers. 


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  • I have the Andis UltraEdge super 2-speed clippers and I really like them.  They glide through my bernedoodle Riley's thick double coat with ease and my goldendoodle Toby's too (he is mostly poodle).  

    If you're going to be doing a lot of work with just a 10 blade I would definitely get 2 so you can swap them out as they get hot.

  • Since I was on a budget. I bought the human clippers and I think it's just the same, to be honest. 

    • We have both human clippers and pet clippers in the house, the dog clippers are a lot more powerful.  If you have a smaller dog or one with a less dense coat the human clippers would probably work though.

  • When everything shut down last year, I ordered the cordless Andis Pulse Ion clippers.  They have an adjustable blade (9 to 40).  I always use a comb attachment, so never shave down to the skin.  They came with an extra battery which is great.  I have never run through an entire battery while grooming, however.  I am really happy with my clippers.  They are very quiet and go through my pup's poodle coat easily.  They were $150.  I found that grooming is really not that hard and my pup actually really likes it and wags her tail when I get the supplies out.  I have gradually been grooming her shorter and shorter as my confidence grows.  Now if I could only cut her nails.  Good luck!

  • I have the Andis 2 Speed ACG (AGC?) and I've had my pair for nearly 15 years. Agree on getting two #10 blades.  Also a good power dryer.  Amazon sells the Shelandy brand for about $70.  Really need to use one on a poodle.  A good comb and slicker brush are important too.  

  • I have Oster A5 Turbo clippers.  I've had them for 8 years now with no problems. I would also recommend an extra blade because I have to send mine off by mail to get sharpened (or schedule time to drive 50 miles away).

    I bought a package of assorted size combs which is cheaper than buy just a few.  It is also good to start out with so you can experiment on lenghts.   Start with the longer combs to get comfortable cutting without going shorter than you want!  You can't go by what sizes other people use because hair types are so different.


  • I have the Oster A5 Pro clippers which I have had for 15-20 years but did not use for the last 10 or so (Haley was natural-no clipping).  I now have a 9 1/2 month old Standard Poodle puppy and found the corded clippers more than my arthritic hands could handle. In my search for cordless clippers I found Premier 900cl http://https://www.premier1supplies.com/p/900cl-cordless-clippers-f...cordless clippers which came with 2 batteries, a charger which charges the clipper with battery and spare batter at same time, A10 blade. oil and brush all in a hard case. They are very comfortable and easy for me to use.

  • I'm a little late to respond, but I belong to a group on FB entitled "Doodle Owners and Groomers Coming Together".  It is full of great information for self grooming.  They even have a file with all the recommended equipment you should get.  You can do a search for specific questions you might have or you can ask a question.  They are very helpful and kind about answering questions (even over and over again).   Here is the list of equipment they recommend. 

    Suggested Grooming Supplies for Home Grooming
    This document is in answer to the frequent requests for lists of supplies needed for home grooming. Any member of the group can add to or edit this list so please feel free to add your own suggestions, both general and specific but please try to keep the list organized by adding specific products under general headings and so forth. Please note: although this list can be viewed from mobile apps and browsers, the edit button will not appear unless you are on a desktop version. I will attempt to add suggestions posted to the discussion thread associated with this document but I’m not always at my computer frequently so I may not get to all of them promptly.
    In general, I estimate that you should expect to spend between $700 and $1200 to complete a good home grooming set up. It is possible sometimes to find good second hand items and discounts so it’s conceivable you could get the prices a little lower but you should always expect to get what you pay for and you will need professional level equipment to successfully and safely groom your dog at home.
    Grooming table with arm
    Grooming loop
    A5 style clipper:
    • Andis Ultra Edge
    • Andis Excel 5 speed
    • Wahl KM2
    • Wahl KM10
    #10 blade
    #30 blade
    Wahl Stainless Steel Attachment Combs (go over #10 or #30 blade)
    Other A5 blades as needed
    • #7FC (1/8”)
    • #5FC (1/4”)
    • #4FC (3/8”)
    • #3 3/4FC (1/2”)
    High quality shampoo/conditioner - Get two different products, *not* a shampoo/conditioner combo!
    Brushing spray/detangler:
    • Chris Christensen Ice on Ice
    • Artero Matt-X Dematting Spray
    • Les Pooches Detangling Spray
    • Coat Handler Anti-static Detangling Spray
    High velocity dryer
    • Flying Pig
    Nail clippers
    • Safari
    Ear cleaner
    Slicker brush
    • Chris Christensen Coral Brush
    • Les Pooches Medium brush
    • Tuffer Than Tangles
    Steel “greyhound” style comb
    Quick stop
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