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  • She looks SO similar to our 11 week old Labradoodle x Goldendoodle girl! She has the same little afro and fuzzy coat. 

  • Did the breeder or you trim her face? She is very fluffy except for that.  By F1bb you mean her parentage is  poodle to golden retriever, then that goldendoodle offspring bred to poodle again and your pup has that ancestry?  This is my son's poodle at about the same age - her face is trimmed in a poodle trim8007458465?profile=RESIZE_400x.


    • Hi, her mom is a F1b goldendoodle and her dad is a moyen poddle, so she is an F1bb (87.5% Poodle and 12.5% Golden Retrieve) I have never trimmed her hair, I suppose the breeder could have before we picked her up? Your sons poodle is adorable!!!

      • Here is a close up of her face in the top photo - it looks like a heart shaped trim around her eyes and snout. If so, I assume her facial hair will grow out.  Being such a high percentage of poodle genetically, I assume she will have facial furnishings, but genetics are not my   expertise and I have met several F1b doodles that don't look like you might expect.  Just curiosity, what made you  choose this mix over a pure poodle?8007509671?profile=RESIZE_930x

        • It's odd that her face doesn't match her body more, as in it DOES look like a poodle that had its face shaved early on, but I do see long hair "in the process" so I think she'll be furnished.  I also think she'll be fairly curly.
          I'm also curious why people go with F1bb because there's so much poodle and statistically very little golden to speak of (in looks, size, or personality) and realistically there migh be LESS golden than that.  I would ask the same question of someone who got an F1bb goldendoodle with 87.5% golden/12.5% poodle.  

          • Here's my full poodle puppy as his hair was growing in...8007749692?profile=RESIZE_400x

            • Oh my, he is adorable <3

          • Hi! So, long story but first, before all the below happened, I had my heart set on getting a Goldendoodle, I have loved them for a long time and wanted a smart, loving family dog that could keep up with our active family (hikes, running, etc) but that didn't shed or shed minimally.  We went with an F1bb doodle because my son has severe pet allergies. He had an anaphyltic reaction to my sisters boxer that ended in a trip via ambulence to the ER because he couldn't breathe and was covered in welts. We spent 2 years with absolutely no contact with any pet and not going anywhere pets would be present while we worked closely with an allergist, giving our son 2x daily immunotherapy to build up some immunity with the hopes of some day being able to have a dog.  When speaking with the allergist, and then a lot of research on our end and the availability of breeders near where we live (had to be within driving distance and the breedeer had to be willing to let our son spend time with the specific dog we were intrested in before us committing to purchasing the dog--which was VERY hard to find a breeder that would allow this and not have us put $300-$500 NON refundable deposit down) we found a wonderful breeder that was willing to work with us and not charge us a non-refundable deposit and who also had an upcoming litter and 1 spot available becasue someone backed out at the last minute (many I spoke to had over a year long waiting list.) So, that is how we ended up with Finn. She has the perfect personality for our family, she is super smart, very loving and since we have been stuck home since March because of COVID, it was the perfect time to add a dog to our family.  It's brightened up what has been a challenging situation all around and my son has done perfectly with her.

            • I am wondering why you didn't consider a purebred Poodle? They certainly tick all the boxes of  "a smart, loving family dog that could keep up with our active family (hikes, running, etc) but that didn't shed or shed minimally. "

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