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I'm sure you're tired of these coat/furnishing predictions, but I'm just curious what the group thinks about our Goldendoodle, Benny. He's 12 weeks now, and we're absolutely obsessed with him. I don't think he'll be curly, but we're hoping for a nice wavy coat with a scruffy and full face--though like everyone else says, we'll love him regardless. Mom was an F1B Goldendoodle and dad was a standard poodle. I would think the ridges around his eyes, eyebrows and start of scruff would indicate furnishings, but I'd love to hear everyone's predictions!

Benny at 5 weeks, 7 weeks, 9 weeks and 12 weeks:


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  • Closer photo of Benny's face:


  •  I think he'll be furnished.  But I think it's remarkable that he's an F1bb (87% poodle) and held on to so much retriever.  None of his siblings in the corner look super poodley either.  Makes me wonder if another sire (goldendoodle or retriever) got to Mom too.

    • Yes that is very unusual that his coat is so flat with so much poodle.  The only thing that makes sense to me is if mom is F1B but the B is retriever... or as you said mom got pregnant by another sire on site.




      • I wouldn't say his coat his flat. Wavy is probably a better description, but he's definitely fluffy throughout his body. I don't think another sire is a possibility (very reputable breeder who maintains a closed, controlled setting). Here's a better look at his body.


      • I was looking mostly at his face/legs, I meant "flatter" in terms of compared to curly doodles.  It's good that you found a reputable breeder :)  His coat on the body definitely looks "wavy", I'm not sure he will get much more than wispy hair around his muzzle/legs though.  

        For comparison here is my previous doodle, Luna, who was a true "flat coated" doodle at around 12 weeks old.  You can see her body hair was quite a bit shorter/straighter and she had none of the "scruff" that your puppy has.


        .. and this is Riley, my wavy/curly doodle (not as curly as Toby) at 12 weeks.  I think Benny will be somewhere in between Luna and Riley in terms of scruff.


        • Thanks for the explanation!

  • I think Benny will be "scruffy" and furnished (he is adorable!)

    My F1bb goldendoodle Toby is suuuuuper curly.  Here is a pic of him at 12 weeks and now at 8 months old.



  • Slowly, but surely, his scruff is starting to come in. Here's our Benny boy at almost 19 weeks.



    • Cutie!! It's coming in more quicker than for my Zuko.  His body is filling out but nothing on up of the snout lol. 

  • Hiii! Any updated pics? I think my doodle looks like yours when he was a pup😁

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