7939588464?profile=RESIZE_710xHi! I'm new to the doodle world and was wondering if I can get some coat furnishings predictions this is my miles his mom was an f1bb goldendoodle and his dad a pure purebred poodle he's about 14 weeks old7939590692?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  •  Well, if one parent is an F1BB, which is 7/8 Poodle, and the other parent is a Poodle, which is 8/8 Poodle, lol, then this pup is very close to being a purebred Poodle genetically. (15/16ths Poodle, or about 93%). I'd expect a woolly Poodle coat. (The lower photo shows him wet, so you can't go by that).
    Do you know what furnishings are? 


  • Are you sure that the dam is an F1BB, and not an F1B? It seems odd to me that a doodle breeder would breed an F1BB back to a Poodle and create a dog that is 93% Poodle and one-sixteenth Retriever. 

    • In my mind if you're getting anything 75%+ poodle you may as well just get a poodle. :)  A lot easier to find a reputable breeder than for a doodle anyway.

    • Agree.  And the 1/16th retriever is just a statistic, so realistically, he's likely to be 100% poodle in all ways.  
      Please know we aren't judging your dog or his value or wonderfulness--he can be a Heinz 57 and be the best dog in the world.  But we believe in being honest about what various breedings and doodle combinations really mean because we support responsible breeding only.  And again not a dig at you or the dog, just that we always hope anyone reading this learns something for the future.  That if someone else reads this who is in the market for a doodle pup they understand what they are buying. 

      That said he's super cute and the interesting thing about pure bred standard poodles is they are not particularly "curly" as puppies.  I mean they are, but their fur still has straighter and wavier parts and those final TIGHT curls don't come in until 9-11 months or so.  So chances are, he will be very curly as an adult.  Here's my standard poodle pup--notice he's got parts that are straighter too, but long and thick.  And his muzzle fur is short because poodle breeders start them off with poodle style grooming at 4 weeks or so.  He was 14 weeks here so it had been growing in for 4-5 weeks:

    • Had another thought... could the dam be an F1bb where the 2nd b was a retriever, making it genetically more similar to an F1?  I mean it doesn't make much sense to do that, but with doodle breeders you never know.

      • So, an F1BB where one parent was an F1B and the other was a Retriever? I'm sure that's possible. Not the right thing to do, lol, but possible. 

  • I'm thinking there has to be more Retriever there than 1/16th, based solely on eye and pigment color. But  the only way to know that for sure would be to do a DNA test. 

    • It's possible the poodle had liver pigment, isn't it? I know it's not standard, but it exists.  

      • This pup's pigment is not liver. It's what we would call "self-colored", meaning it matches the coat color, and that is only "correct" in brown Poodles. There is no color of Poodle that has this color pigment. 
        The breed standard for every Poodle color other than brown, cafe, and silver beige calls for black pigment. Even creams and whites. Even reds and apricots. Their noses are supposed to be black. 
        I know you see a lot of brown and tannish colored noses in badly bred white, cream, and apricot Poodles. But....black pigment is dominant, and black pigment is "desired" (for me, that would read "required", lol, but I know doodle owners don't care about that) So in order for a Poodle of any color other than brown, cafe, or silver beige (and the latter two colors are exceedingly rare among doodle breeders) to have pigment that is not black, the dog would have to have gotten the recessive dilute gene from each parent. (And even then, you wouldn;t end up with this "peach-y"color). It just seems like there are too many Poodles here for that nose to be anything other than black, or maybe dark brown. I could be wrong though. God knows, we see all kinds of pigment colors in the ALDs, and the ALDs are mostly Poodle, it turns out. 


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