Coat Change?


so my puppy is a little over 4 months old, and I just noticed her back fur is changing. The hair is darker and thicker then the rest of her hair right now. She was originally this color when we first got her as a puppy. Is this her adult hair coming through? 

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  • At 4 months, it's definitely not her adult coat. Adult coats on standards don't start to come in until at least 7 months.
    The hair near the roots is often darker than the ends, and almost always thicker. (Just like humans) That's what this looks like to me.

    • she's actually a medium size but it seems like it's growing out through her hair ?

      • New hair growth doesn't "grow through" the old hair. :)
        It either replaces the old hair that falls out, in dogs that shed, or the hair itself changes texture from the root up, in non-shedding dogs. 
        It's very common for Poodle mixes to have hair on their backs that is coarser, wavier, or darker than the hair on the rest of their bodies. 

        • Luna had back hair  that was wavier and darker than the rest of her hair.  I think it started to grow like that around the 4 month mark (still puppy soft though).

  • Same thing just started happening to my Mac at the 4 month mark. He was originally a big fluff ball and this stripe of coarse, darker hair is a little more wirey and lays flatter than the rest of his coat, with more of a wave to it. I've heard this is extremely normal as they go through multiple coat changes as puppies!



    • Hm that is interesting thanks:) makes me curious how she will turn out 

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