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Hi everyone! I posted about a month ago asking for opinions on my pups coat. He's changed a bit now and is still so goofy! We got his coat trimmed down to help some with this Alabama heat! Anyone have any opinions on what will happen with his furnishings now that he's a bit older (5 months next weekend)? The fur on his face feels courser but then again he has random patches of fur on his back etc that feel the same way 😅 
Thanks in advance! 10583968876?profile=RESIZE_710x10583971071?profile=RESIZE_710x10583971853?profile=RESIZE_710x10583970267?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Before the haircut 10583973076?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • Well, he definitely has furnishings. His coat is very wooly, as I originally predicted. 
    A word about haircuts and heat: 
    Cutting a dog's coat short will not keep him cooler. Dogs, unlike people, do not sweat and cannot regulate their body temperatures by sweating, as we do. They cool themselves primarily by panting. However, their coats do insulate them from both heat and cold provided you keep the coat mat free. If there are mats at the skin level, that is going to make a dog warmer and keep his coat from functioning the way nature intended it to. From the looks of the "before" photo, I would say he did have some matting, so the grooming was a good idea. At this point, you need to maintain it by brushing to the skin with a good slicker brush (no other type of brush will work well on this type of coat) twice a week, and using a metal comb after brushing to make sure you got all the way through to the skin. Professional grooming should be done every 6 weeks, although you can go as long as 8 weeks IF you are doing a good job with keeping the coat mat free. 


    • Oh I didn't know that! Thank you! And his coat looks funky but he wasn't matted at all. I use a slicker and follow that with a metal comb to the skin every day. He just had a curly coat coming in under a straight fluffy coat haha. The groomer was actually very pleased and he got an "excellent" on his report card under mat free! Thank you I actually had no idea how often to get him groomed so I'll do the 6-8 weeks(:

  • He looks adorable. Since you got this cut so short you can probably go a bit longer since you do such a great job combing through the hair. Let it get slightly longer than you want it to be. We go every month to maintain my doodles coats simply because their hair grows really fast. I have a friend that regularly waits 8-10 weeks because her doodle's coat grows much slower. 

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