Hi guys.  My daughter asked me this question today and I told her that I would check with my expert buddies.  When will  the adult coat start coming ?  I know I saw it mentioned before but I can't recall at what age.  Also when should she begin taking her pup to the groomers for professional grooming?

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  • You usually start to see coat changes between 6-8 months old, and the adult coat should be in around one year; but all dogs are different. 

    I'd start taking any pup who is going to be professionally groomed for grooming as soon as they are finished with their puppy shots. The sooner they get used to it, the better. And if you start getting them used to it as pups, when all they really need is a bath, nails, sanitary and maybe a little trim, it will be easier on them when they need a full adult grooming. 

  • Thanks for the info.

  • I agree with all that Karen said and only want to add that as soon as you get the puppy, start brushing and combing it and touching paws and ears. The more acquainted the puppy is with being handled at home, the better she/he will feel about all of that at the groomer's. 

    • Yep this for sure! We have done a lot more grooming desensitization with Riley than we did with Luna and it makes a big difference.  Very important if you have a doodle with a high maintenance coat.  It wasn't a big deal with Luna because she required very little grooming but if Riley didn't tolerate grooming it would be a nightmare.  

      If you have an electric razor at home could use that to try to get pup used to clipper noise as well. 

  • Thanks.  I have some grooming clippers . I'll turn them on around Koda.  She doesn't mind a bath but she hates a dryer.  She also will let you clip the hair between her pads and do her nails.   We told my daughter not to over bathe her.  Koda isn't fully potty trained so  my daughter doesn't want her smelly from urine.   We told her to just wash her hind part and feet if they have urine on them.

    • Sounds good just keep at it! I find if I've been slacking on grooming Riley gets all uppity about it because she isn't used to it anymore.  Consistency is key.

  • And I'm just the opposite. I think Willow is adorable, but her hair is craziness. I can't wait to see what the coat change brings her. I think it is crazier in person than it shows in photos. 


    • Willow's coat  looks tame in this photo.  What's her age in this picture?

      • I took this yesterday. She's 6 1/2 months. And don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about her hair. She's really easy to comb and brush, and she's actually the most cooperative of the three of them. She just has these long whispies that don't really show up in the picture. It's like her whole body is out of focus. I'm not sure if I should try to trim it or just leave it. I'm really hoping that I will be able to groom her myself. I took care of Ava's hair. Katie and Maggie are too curly. Ava was long and shaggy. And we just combed and combed and every few months I would get some help trimming her face so she could see. But I didn't have her as a puppy, so I don't know what her coat was like when she was young. 

        The coat change is real though. I didn't have Katie groomed until she was 8 months old and her hair was this long shaggy fabulousness. And after that she got her adult coat and it's just not the same. Now she fluffs out like a puff ball and doesn't get that shaggy look. 

        • No worries Stacy.  Willow is a cutie.  It just makes life interesting to have such a variety in doodles. It will be fun to see how they transform!

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