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Hi guys.  My daughter asked me this question today and I told her that I would check with my expert buddies.  When will  the adult coat start coming ?  I know I saw it mentioned before but I can't recall at what age.  Also when should she begin taking her pup to the groomers for professional grooming?

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He looks soft. 

It seems like the show poodle people can get some serious length to at least parts of the dogs coat, but in general I don't think the long shaggy look works for the poodles. I could get Ava's coat much longer. Maybe if I was a better groomer or more committed to taking them to the groomer every 2 -3 weeks I could get Maggie longer, but I think we're both pretty happy with her hair shortish. 

I agree.  Doodles have that everlasting puppy look.  They are super cute.  My next dog will definitely be a doodle.  I love that they are so darn cute, smart, and not prissy as my son used to say.  My son never wanted a toy dog because he was afraid that people would see him walking a prissy dog with hairbows.  Fortunately for him both my fur girls were tomboys who hated hairbows and frills!  However, since I have my Khloe and my daughter just got her doodle pup it will be some time before I get one.  

Luna was SO soft, though I imagine that's partly because she basically had a retriever coat.  Her coat was softer than some puppy coats, especially the ruff around her neck.

I could see that. That ruff looked so plush. 

JD's coat was so thin; it was silky, but it wasn't thick or plushy enough to feel luxurious like that. Like you want to walk on it with bare feet, lol. 

Yes!  I used to bury my face in her neck/chest when she would have me.  She wasn't much for spooning so I had to catch her in the right mood lol.



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