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8802230860?profile=RESIZE_710xHi I added a photo of my puppy Sadie when we first got her at 8 weeks & now one of her she's about 4 months. She has gotten a lot lighter

(I still love her color) but I was curious if it will change back to dark when she sheds her puppy coat?

Both of her parents were red/ dark colored. 

Just curious :)

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  • her now
  •  If she's 4 months old then she has probably started growing in some of her adult coat.  Poodles tend to lighten or "clear" with age so a lot of doodles also tend to lighten.  

    In some goldendoodles they do tend to darken (because Goldens darken from puppy to adulthood), but if she's started lightening now then I imagine she will be lighter as an adult.

    • I think she may have more golden in her then poodle so would that make a difference? Thanks for your reponse 

      • If she's an F1, she is 50% Poodle and 50% Golden. She can't have more Golden than Poodle, lol.
        Regardless, they may get darker, they may get lighter, but they never ever ever get lighter and then reverse back to darker. In any breed or mix. 
        Do you have photos of the parents?

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          • I purposely picked dark parents because I read of both parents are dark they stay dark. 
            again. I'm being superficial I love her no matter what. I am just confused haha

            • It's not true that when both parents are dark, the dog stays dark. Color genetics are very complicated, even within the same breed; with mixed breeds, it's even more complicated and unpredictable. The Poodle parent has liver colored pigment, which tells us that there is a dilute gene present somewhere in that dog's background. Chances are pretty high that he's going to fade himself as he gets older. I'd guess there are lighter colored Goldens in the Golden's background as well.
              You are right that color is the most superficial trait of any dog. Temperament and health are much more important. 

            • That really only applies to purebred dogs where you know that there are no recessive genes for lighter colours in their lineage.  

              As Karen said with mixes it's very hard to predict what you will get and how they will mature, I agree that if a dog lightens they don't go back to darker.

  • Doodle coats fade, especially reds.  Her coat won't get dark like it was. 

    • Curious - Peri is almost 8 months old and seems to be darker than he was. He's a true red (mom a light red multi-gen, dad a dark red poodle). Chances he stays red?

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