Hi! Just hoping for some opinions on my new pups coat. The coat on his body is very thick and fluffy, but the hair on his face seems much shorter? Anyone know what to expect? He is 4 months old and is a f1b goldendoodle. Thanks in advance! There is a pic included from when he was 7-8 weeks as well as some recents!





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  • It's funny, it looks like he had more hair as a young pup than he does now. It looks like it was thicker and curlier. 
    He has a very woolly coat, somewhat wirey, wavey. It's an unusual coat and hard to predict what it will become. I'll be interested to see how it changes as he matures.  

    • Oh the hair on his body is still thick! Let me get a good photo(: 


      • I was really talking more about his face and head, and this photo does show where he seems to have less hair on the top of head, and forehead. In this photo, he almost looks open faced, which is when they don't have furnishings and look more like a Golden Retriever, but I'm just not sure in his case. For sure his coat is woolly and wavey. Please update with photos as he gets older. 

        • Oh I gotcha! I will def update with some photos as he ages. He has some longer hairs in his muzzle like the top of his head but they are sparse. It strange. 

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