I am a lurker turned member and just wanted to come here to seek opinions from more experienced goldendoodle owners on what you think our new furbaby's coat type will be and if he will have any furnishings?

I've been doing months of research, but even with all the endless hours of reading and doing photo comparisons, I'm still having trouble figuring all this out, especially when it comes to furnishings. I also hear a lot of differing information online, some saying that if the puppy has curly ears and forehead, they will be wavy/curly and doodly or viceversa if they have a curly ears and forehead they are more prone to being open faced and more retriever like? So I'm a bit lost. :(

My family and I are welcoming our new pup this upcoming Saturday!! 

The breeder claims that the puppy is an F1B mini goldendoodle- Mom being F1 goldendoodle and Papa being miniature poodle, but I have some reservations because the mom looks full golden retreiver to me.

But regardless of how our cutie's coat will turn out as an adult, we will love him unconditionally!!! But just wanted extra input from seasoned owners. :)

Thank you in advance!


5 weeks old when we went to got meet him (he was the last pick of the litter of 4)



6 weeks old (photo from breeder)


2 days shy of being 7 weeks (photo from breeder)

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  • He has plenty of furnishings anbd a very thick, wavy coat. He's very cute and is going to be very doodle-y. 

    • Thank you so much for the response!!

      It definitely was love at first sight and meet for us.


  • He's going to have facial furnishings. He's adorable. 

    • Thank you very much!!
      I need Saturday to come by faster!

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