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Hi! My name is Kim and I am a new doodle owner. I got my double doodle pup Cordelia about 2.5 months ago. Her coat has changed so much as to when I had first gotten her. At first she was sort f fluffy and even through out. Now, it seems like her coat had stopped growing on her legs and the sides of her belly. The coat on her legs also became wiry and scraggly. Can anyone tell me what they think she might look like when she’s full grown? Thank you in advance!

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First 2 pictures are from when she was about 8-9 weeks and the last one is pretty recent. She is 17 weeks almost 18 weeks old now.


She looks like the typical scruffy doodle to me in you photos. Scruffy is my favorite doodle look. I can’t figure out toy last photo, other than to wonder if the coat is just scrunched flat? 

She’s my first doodle so I’m not sure what to expect. No, I don’t think it’s flatten. It’s a lot shorter on the sides of her belly. It looks like it either stopped growing or just shedded off. Will her legs stay wiry? Regardless, I love my little scraggly baby and I’m complete obsessed! Thanks for responding! 

I predict "scruffy" too :)

Puppy hair is weird especially if they are transitioning to adult coat or if they are the type of doodle who sheds seasonally.

Thanks for your input! I think she might’ve shedded cause she has a patch on her back that is thin and almost looks like she’s bald there. My poor scraggly pup! 



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