• The key to this is whether she has furnishings on her muzzle/face.  It's hard to tell for sure.  I think I might be seeing emerging long hairs between the eyes, but maybe not.  

  • here is a close up of the face 7991380471?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • 7996053063?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • I'm so torn because his head/leg hair looks pretty long but I don't see any wisps around the bridge of his nose... yet there are some on the side of his muzzle.  Maybe he'll have a mostly flat coated muzzle and just a bit of a beard?

        • That's how I feel... It's possible the hairs on the muzzle are simply laying flat and still short?

          • I know - I'm torn myself. I was thinking he'd have a flat coat but he doesn't look like the other flat coats except for in the muzzle. 

  • Update:

    Had a DNA test done and found out he's actually a lab mix (50% standard poodle and 50% lab mix). His traits came back as yes for long hair, yes for low shedding, yes for wavy coat and possible for furnishings (1 copy of furnishings gene). Here's the 11 week old in his natural state lol. 


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