Coat Prediction?

Hey everyone!

Just wondering if anyone can take a guess at what coat type my puppy will be! In the pictures she is 6 weeks and absolutely adorable! Dad is a F1b goldendoodle and mom is a doubledoodle. We get her this Sunday and cannot wait. Thanks for taking a random or an educated guess! :D


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  • Very thick, wavy coat, lots of furnishings.

  • Beautiful coat. Thick and wavy.

  • She will also sneak right into your heart and mind.  Enjoy every minute (well most minutes) of her puppyhood.  It is gone in a flash.


    • I cannot wait. Sunday is taking forever to get here. Thank you all!

  • Here are some updated pictures of Indy

    8 Weeks:


    13 Weeks:



    Becoming such a beautiful lady!

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