Coat Prediction?

Hello! My name is Jake. I recently got my first Goldendoodle puppy. He's an F1 and I think he's apricot colored my puppy's name is Finneas but I call him Finn. Finn is about 9 weeks old today. I am not sure what his adult will look like. I love him regardless bc he's my new little best friends, I'm just curious. Do you see any furnishings?10026776463?profile=RESIZE_710x10026776878?profile=RESIZE_710x10026776893?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • He has tons of furnishings. 

    • Thank you so much for responding! I was reading another post in the group and I saw someone mention an upside down V and I wasn't sure if he had one. 

      • Yeah, I've seen that too, but to me it really isn't helpful. I go by the long shaggy hairs between the eyes, above the eyes, and above the nose. It's basically a triangular shape with the apex at the forehead and the base at the bottom of the muzzle. I've lived with furnished breeds for 64 years so it's kind of second nature to me now, lol. 

  • As Karen said, he has furnishings.  Apricot is the doodle name for his color.  He might fade to cream as he matures.  Finn is just adorable.

    • Thank you so much! He's such a joy to have. I wouldn't mind if he faded to cream I'd be happy either way. 

      • We all love our pups so much!  Color changes are one of the interesting and mostly unpredictable things about doodles - most commonly they fade as they mature but some do stay the same and some goldendoodles actually get darker.  

      • Our first goldendoodle got DARKER as she aged... it's always a bit of a mystery!  She started a light apricot and matured to a medium/dark apricot.



        • Clancy went from cream with a ginger undercoat, ears and tail to light apricot all over. LOL

          • Ever since you've mentioned he could fade to cream I feel as if he gets lighter every single day LOL. I will post updates as he grows. 

        • She's gorgeous! I'm new to the doodle world so I would have never guess they could go from light to dark as they aged. I learn so much from this group.

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