Coat predictions?

Hi all. Meet Piper! We just picked her up from the breeder. She is a standard f1 Goldendoodle. We are first time dog owners and are so excited to have her! We are curious what type of coat she will have. do you see any furnishings? Thank you!


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  • I'm thinking you may not know what furnishings are, lol. :)
    Because this puppy has lots and lots of them, and they are very easy to see. 

    • Haha! Thank you Karen! That's great to hear. we are hoping for a scuffy doodle look:) What do you think about her adult coat? Her ears are not curled, so I'm thinking maybe wavy coat?

      • The ears really don't have much to do with the adult coat. In fact, sometimes curly ears go along with straight flat coats and open faces. 
        It's hard to tell from this picture because it doesn't show much of her body, but I'd say a wavy coat is likely. 

      • I'm guessing she'll be at least wavy.  She's adorable!

        Our bernedoodle Riley wasn't very curly as a puppy but is quite curly now as an adult.  

        For comparison here is a pic of when she was 10 weeks old and another of recently at around 2 years old.  I don't have a good picture of her back (black fur is so hard to photograph!) but she has loose ringlets over most of her body.



        • Thank you! Our Piper’s body coat looks a lot like your Riley’s. We can’t wait to see her grow. Your Riley is a cutie!

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        See what I circled there?  Those are the looong scruffy hairs of "furnishings"... the rest of the muzzle, beard counts too, but the hair I circled is what we usually look for a on a puppy to indicate a doodle face.  It's also clear she's got some long hair on her head and body that you wouldn't see in a pure golden :). A GOLDEN would have shorter, flatter hair. 

        • I would have circled the entire muzzle, lol. 


          • Yeah, I just look for those hairs right there.  But yes, lots of wisps and long hairs all over her muzzle and head!

            • Thank you both! I learned a lot from the post:)

  • She is adorable!  I think perhaps Piper will look much like my friend's doodle, Enzo.  Enzo is in Doodlekisses 2021 calendar which can be purchased at Cafe Press.  8049193682?profile=RESIZE_400x Here is a photo I took of her,

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