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  • Your dog has very obvious furnishings. They do look a bit sparse on the end of her muzzle, have you trimmed the fur around her mouth and chin? 
    She has a fairly straight coat. A good brushing will make her look fluffier.
    I'd bet some serious money that she's also going to shed. :)

    • She does shed a good amount.  I have no trimmed her at all 

  • If you want to see an unfurnished dog... here is our first goldendoodle Luna when she was a puppy :)  She passed away a few years ago.   She was about 3-4 months old in these pics.

    Biggest differences are the lack of long hair in between the eyes, on the muzzle and the short leg hair.  You can see though that even her body hair is much shorter.  She basically looked just like a small golden retriever but with a bit of the poodle facial structure.9822004258?profile=RESIZE_584x


    And as an adult, retained the same hair growth pattern:


    • Also, all that fluff over the puppy's eyes, the "eyebrows" if you will, are an obvious difference. 

      • Ah yes, the part above the eyes reminds me a bit of Riley at that age.  Muzzle is different though, Riley's was more evenly long.


  • This is a picture of my F1 labradoodle, the late great Jackdoodle. He had a shaggy, straighter, shedding coat, and plenty of furnishings. I think your pup may have a coat similar to his as an adult. 9822040897?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • She looks very similar as my f1b Mac through the face at that age! He had noticeable furnishings as a young puppy, but definitely flatter around the tip of the nose and muzzle. As he got older, his fur filled out quite a bit around the muzzle, but it was the last to come in. I have some older photos on my page so you can see the difference, but here he is now. Oh, he sheds quite a bit! :)



    • Mac is so adorable!  The true "teddy bear" look.  He has very similar colouring to Toby (Toby's a lot curlier though).

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