• I don't know.  Overall I think she looks about the same, coat wise.   I feel like it is a wild guess, but maybe, just maybe, there are some very short furnishings in front of her eyes.  Not-that-doodley labradoodles look different than not-that-doodley goldendoodles, and she might have hope for some scruff.  She also has some long paw hairs I can see on her back paws.  

  • Possibly she may get as much fluff as our late great Thule.  You can see her body hair is pretty short.  She NEVER needed a haircut ever.  This was as long and scruffy as she got.  And her hair was a wee bit longer than a lab's as a pup.5401752662?profile=RESIZE_584x

  • I'm just not sure.  I will love watching your future posts so I can see how she develops.

    • 13 Weeks! 

      • Oh my gosh! Just adorable. Makes me want a puppy. 

      • I see some little hairs growing in front of the eyes!

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