8907212494?profile=RESIZE_710xHi everybody, 

We have Charlie. An almost 11 months old F1 goldendoodle. We have been through what feels like a lot of coat changes allready. But Charlie still have almost no fur on his hind legs. Do you think it will grow in ever? Or is his coat at its final stage at the age of 11 months? :)

He have been groomed two times in his life. Both times kinda short. 

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  • 8907212682?profile=RESIZE_930x

  • 8907214655?profile=RESIZE_930x1,5 month ago where he had been groomed. 

  • 8907214696?profile=RESIZE_930xBefore grooming :) 

  • It's hard to say since he is still young but with our flat-coated goldendoodle Luna (she was also an F1) her back legs didn't have any feathering really but her front legs had more.  Something similar may be happening with Charlie and the hair on his back legs may be shorter.

    • We must wait and see. Your Luna is adorable. I have looked through your photos tons of times during the last months :D

  • I'd say that's his adult coat. 
    It's not unusual for the F1s to have shorter/ thinner hair on the back legs, even on all four legs.

    • You are probably right about it being his adult coat :) We must wait and see. Right now long thin white hairs are peeping through his coat all over his body. Also on the legs. It looks very funny.. 

  • I think what you see is his final look. I think the only grooming he might ever need (other than baths)  is perhaps around his eyes. I especially like his before grooming photos. He's adorable. 

    • You are probably right about the grooming. The only thing is, that the coat on his spine and cheat grows so very much, and it looks so funny, because the coat in his sides doesn't grow almost at all - almost like a mohawk down his spine :D

      • You might want to trim/blend in the 'Mohawk' with the rest. I keep my doodles torsos fairly short but my groomer blends the legs into the torso so their all over look is blockier. Not the same issue you have but an example of not universally cutting everywhere. 

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