8907212494?profile=RESIZE_710xHi everybody, 

We have Charlie. An almost 11 months old F1 goldendoodle. We have been through what feels like a lot of coat changes allready. But Charlie still have almost no fur on his hind legs. Do you think it will grow in ever? Or is his coat at its final stage at the age of 11 months? :)

He have been groomed two times in his life. Both times kinda short. 

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  • My F1 labradoodle also had less fur on his lower legs.  Look at his back legs.  that was as furry as they got.  He also shed a ton.  Whereas the nonshedders typically have hair that grows and grows on legs too.


    • Hi Adina, 

      Your labradoodle is very cute, and has more hair on the hind legs than Charlie. I think it is true, that his current coat is the adult coat, so he might not get any hair on the hind legs other than the small featherings on the lowest part. We will wait and see. But if he ends up with the same as your labradoodle, that would be so cute, and otherwise he is cute anyway. Our little very expensive Golden Retriever ;)))

  • Here is my F1 Nellie.  She is so much more Golden Retriever than Poodle and she sheds.  Very hard to figure out how to groom her because you pretty much don't groom a Golden.  Just a little trimming.  But Nellie has the Doodle on her back so I do use clippers to shorten it.  As it grows it gets much darker.  She has feathers or "pants" in the back.  These need to just be trimmed from time to time.  I do shorten the feathers in the legs a little but it is hard to get a straight line because the "Doodle kink" is there in the fur.  She is beautiful and we get so many compliments on her...probably more than our first Doodle who was also an F1 but more Poodley.  Nellie is 3 1/2 but looked and still looks so much like our Nellie then and now.  Sweetest Doodle ever!!9992401093?profile=RESIZE_930x

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