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  • These photos were taken right after a bath I don't know if that makes a difference.

  • She's a lovely color. I see furnishings. Her coat is very straight now but doodles often get curlier with their adult coat but she's pretty straight now so I think she'll continue to be fairly straight. Here's what I predict for her coat type. I'm sorry the photo is so blurry but it's what was on my phone.


    • Thank you for your input! Would it be safe to anticipate a "wavy" coat? That is what I am hoping for

      • It's really hard to say when they are that young.  Once she comes home and her hair starts to get a bit longer it will be easier to tell but I think I see some waviness on her legs and ears.

        Our F1 bernedoodle Riley wasn't very curly as a young puppy but she has loose curls/waves now.  This pic is at 9 weeks old and you can see the waves starting to come in.


        Now at almost 3


      • I would consider Enzo to have a straight coat.  Her owner sent me a few more puppy pictures so you can compare them to your sweetie.

        8 weeks                                                                         3 months

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        6 months                                                                                       present


  • She definitely has furnishings and a nice thick coat. I predict she'll be very doodle-y looking.

  • Thank you all for your input!

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