• It will be easier to tell when he is a bit older but right now it looks to me like he will be quite wavy, probably not tight curls though. The ears give it away.

    • Thanks for help, I will post more pictures later.

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    • This puppy definitely has furnishings. And you really do not want crimping hair on the head. Many open faced doodles have very crimped hair on the top of the head and on the ears. 

      He's going to look very doodle-y.

      • Thanks for help.

        Just wondering how it can tell it has furnishings from the pictures??


        • He has hairs that stick out from the bridge of the nose into the space around the eyes.  Most call this a "chrysanthemum" of hairs. 

          In flat-coated doodles this type of hair arrangement is absent.  Here's a pic of our flat-coated doodle Luna when she was 4 weeks old, 8 weeks old and as an adult for reference.  She did not have those hairs and grew up to look like a miniature retriever as an adult.




          • Thank you so much for your professional and effective help.......!!!!!!!!




    Another puppy in the same litter.



  • Definite furnishings there. I think the coat will be similar to that of my F1. She is wavy and gets curlier when she is wet. Her hair does not mat at all which is great. No daily brushing required. She sheds a bit as I find a hairball in the corner of the room every so often but nothing too bad. That would be my prediction for your cute little guy!


    • Thanks Kim.


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