Cold Virus?

Sunday evening, when Max went in his crate for bedtime, he began a little sneezing and a little coughing - not quite a reverse sneeze but, possibly. We took him outside for some fresh air and gave him some water. He was fine. I assumed it was some cleanser I just used to clean his nose marks off my stainless steel dishwasher. Oddly, it's the only cleanser I have that isn't non-toxic.Monday Max continued sneezing (a lot of small sneezes) and slept quite a bit. I now realize, he most likely has a cold virus or some equivalent. This morning, his muzzle was hard. Apparently, it got wet overnight and then dried. I don't know if that makes sense but, I can tell it was wet (drippy nose) and then dried up overnight because the hair on his muzzle and paws is hard and clumped - like putting gel in our wet hair and letting it air dry. - LOLI've completely cleaned his crate, blankets and toys to be on the safe side.This is his first illness. Should I take him to the vet or ride it out a bit longer?Also, is there anything I can do to comfort him? Some people suggest electrolyte drinks like Pedialyte but, I have no clue if that is a good idea. Some things just don't do well for dogs like they do children no matter how much we humanize them. :)~DaniellePS - I'd like to add that he is eating and drinking.

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  • I never had a dog catch a cold, I didn't know that they could get one. How old is Max? I have an Aussie with allergies, and she reacts badly to household cleaners, people with perfume, etc. sneezing, eye discharge etc. maybe it is just an allergy. If you can I would take his temp to make sure it's not something more serious
    • From what I see on the net - dogs can catch a cold. However, different virus that isn't passed to humans. It could possibly be allergies but, cedar season has been going for awhile here (I've got bad allergies and keep tabs). He doesn't have watery eyes and I'm not even noticing his nose being overly wet or drippy.

      I need to get a rectal thermometer.

      Thanks for the help!
      • Cold-type or hay-fever type symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, etc. are NEVER symptoms of allergies in dogs. All allergies in dogs, whether environmental, inhalant, or food, present as skin issues, itching, paw licking, ear infections, etc. Irritations are not the same as allergies. Max's symptoms are. definitely NOT caused by allergies.
        It is very possible that Max has picked up a virus, or has something irritating his mucus membranes. I'm glad he's going to the vet.
        • I've read the same thing about allergies showing themselves as mostly skin issues. Thanks for clearing that up.

          The good news is that other than these small sneezes he is acting "normal."
        • Are you sure NEVER? I've just talked the vet about Cayenne's runny nose and sneezing and her prior suspicion of allergies.

          How sure are you?
          • My vet confirmed what Karen & Jack said but, that is one vet. Max is all better now so, in his case, it wasn't allergies.
  • My Brothers dog (Goldendoodle) Max was just diagnosed with a cold!!!! That's so weird. I have never heard of that before either.

    I'm taking him to the vet this afternoon. They said it could possibly be a grass blade stuck in his nose as well. I figure, I'll just take him in and rule that out. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Seventy-seven dollars later, I'm back from the vet. There is nothing stuck in his throat and he isn't showing signs of kennel cough. However, the vet decided to be precautious and give him some antibiotics. It could be a cold (aka something viral or even bacterial) and of course, I'll keep him home until he feels better.

    He confirmed what Karen & Jack said about allergies. He also thought that, in general, he was too young to show signs of allergies. At least it's not common in 5 month old dogs.

    Thanks for all the advice
    • Are the antibiotics making a difference?

      Cayenne has the same symptoms with an occasional wheezing bout. The wheezing really scares me!
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