Spectra Shield for dogs

Oliver, 47 labradoodle, just switched from Nexgard (oral) to plain Revolution, (topical).

I just learned that there are collar tag products that prevent fleas and ticks.  I would like to know if they work and if the tags can be combined with Revolution.

Oliver is a dust mop and we are finding a lot of ticks (none attached, fortunately) on him.  Combing and tick checking daily is a nuisance!  We have enough puppy training and monitoring to keep us busy. LOL

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  • We've had many discussions here about the collar tag type flea/tick prevents. general concensus was that they are worthless, and the "claims" behind them is a bunch of nonsense. 
    Here's a past discussion that will help educate you on why these types of things are worthless. :)

    Shoo Tags for ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes
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