Color and Coat Clarification

I have just discovered this extraordinary website and found myself overwhelmed by the level of knowledge offered by the member body and their willingness to share. Having recently welcomed an 8 week old F1 Goldendoodle into our family, we were given some initial information that we would like to verify. It was suggested that the colour of our puppy was mocha and we thought that he may be closer to a golden or apricot colouring. Additionally, we were informed that the coat of our puppy would be most likely wavy given that the father was a standard purebred Poodle and the mother, a purebred Golden Retriever. At this point, we are still attempting to establish whether our puppy has any discernable furnishings that may provide insight into its adult coat. Attached are photos of Finnegan along with his parents (hope that they have successfully uploaded). We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude in advance for any assistance that the members are able to offer.

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  • I'm thinking that you may not know what furnishings are, because it's very very obvious that this puppy has a ton of furnishings and a very thick curly coat. In fact, his coat could pass for a purebred Poodle's, lol. Very unusual to see a coat like this in an F1 puppy, count yourself very lucky.
    I'd say his coloring is light apricot or gold, not "mocha". 

    • Yeah I'd say he's more of a "latte" than a mocha... but I don't drink coffee so what do I know haha.

      As an F1 it's possible that he could darken with age but he definitely won't be brown, he'll be some sort of apricot shade is my guess.

      His coat looks pretty similar to Riley's as a puppy, maybe with a bit of a tighter curl.

  • Yoour puppy has an awesome coat, I think, as well as the beginnings of furnishings.  Some dogs can change their coloring considerably as they mature.  I was told by Tigger's breeder he would be "lavender".  A poodle person assured me that at 13 he is clearly lavendar.  As puppy he was beautiful brown/red, the brown, now to me very light brown with some ( not from age) white hairs mixed in all over.  In the running picture I think mocha would be an OK description.  In any case he is gorgeous. 

  • Your puppy is gorgeous!  I think he'll be pretty curly as an adult since he's already wavy and doodles tend to get curlier. The color is not mocha. Doodles typically lighten so my guess is that he'll be cream, however some Goldens darken with age so your pup could become more apricot. 
    My goldendoodle is a rescue that I got at age two. He always had a gingery undercoat but overall was more cream. However as he's aged he's darkened up and I'd now call him more apricot on his torso. You'll enjoy watching the changes- it's always a surprise. 

    • My sincere gratitude to the members who have shared their insight and personal experiences with their beautiful doodles. I now appreciate how unpredictable their characteristics can be and that each one is unique on to itself. Truly a special dog indeed!

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